Fred Love Story . Sophie is turning into a good girl ? part 10

sorry this one is really short .

Chapter 1


by: Nicola1
We could hear the music ten meters away from the room , we walked into a crowded room but no one was dancing then Black Eyed Peas - The Time(Dirty Bit) started playing and I jumped on the dance floor straight after they said "Dirty Bit" at first I was dancing alone but soon everyone else fallowed me. I was dancing without a break for about 2 hours but I got tired and I went to get something to drink and I noticed Fred was seating with Lee Jordan and George I went up to them.
" Why are ye not dancing !!?? " I had to shout for them to hear me.
" Can't be bothered " Said George
" Katie is dancing " I said
" So ? " He said and blushed
" Go up to her . " I said and dragged him to her and she started dancing with him. I went back to Fred.
" Will you please dance with me ? " I smiled
Then JLS-Everybody in love came on .
" Please ?! " I smiled
" That one dance " he smiled and we went on to the dance floor and danced in a hug ( like you know those kind of dances ) .
The song ended and the DJ started speaking.
" It's time to tell you why are we here , well there's that girl and she invited everyone , her name is Sophie !! " and everyone started clapping " Sophie will you sing for us ? " The DJ said handing me in the microphone
" What will I sing ? " I said
" About Love " Shouted someone in the crowd
I herd the beat coming on and I started singing.

I sang Crazy Beautiful Life by Ke$ha

I finished the song and everyone started clapping. I gave the microphone back to the DJ and he said
" Ok , It's the last song now "
And Pitbull-Bon Bon started playing most of people started dancing (including me) . After the song finished I went up to Fred and George and we started heading back to our rooms.
" So how's you and Katie ? " I asked and George blushed
" What do you mean ? "
" You were dancing with her like half of the time. "
" Yeah , were only friends though . "
" You didn't ask her out ?! "
" No "
" Why not ? "
" What if she would say no ? "
" What if she would say yes ? "
" She wouldn't "
" She would !! "
" Whatever . "
" Where were you before the disco anyway ? "
" Planing pranks to do on teachers and people "
" You were planing pranks without me ! " Said Fred
" So . Sometimes you do pranks on me "
" Not WITHOUT you , ON you , and obviously I would not tell you if I'm planing on you , and that only happened once ! " said Fred
" Wait , Wait , You guys pull pranks on people ? " I said
" Yeah , Why ? " They both said
" OMG , It's like my hobby wit no , passion , since I was 5 and my mum died , I was pulling so many pranks I had to go to boarding school which is Hogwarts " I said smiling evily
" What did you do that you had to go here ? " George asked
" I went inside the teachers room in school when they all left, my friend was pretending to have a broken arm so they would leave the room , on lunch and I emptied a bottle of baby powder onto their ceiling fan, a little bit on each blade , and all of them were white when they came out and they had to teach like that . "
" We did better , but your pretty good . " Said Fred , I laughed
" Well I can only get better , maybe if I have a teacher ? " I said and looked at Fred
" Maybe if you say please very politely " He smiled , I kissed him
" Is that ok ? "
" I'll consider it " He smiled
" Come on , I can't ask any politer "
" Fine , but I don't know how to teach , it just comes into my head "
" But , just let me plan the pranks with ye "
" Sure "
" Thanks "
When we walked into our common room me and Fred sat together on the couch and George said he was tired so he walked up to his room , me and Fred were talking for a while but then we fell asleep.



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