What happened

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Chapter 1

Big news

I got out of bed and went down stairs to have breakfast when I realised there was blood on my bed .I ran to my mums room but she wasn't there I ran to my sisters room but she was gone then I ran to the kitchen and noticed blood all over I screamed in terror.I woke up "Few that was just a dream" I said freaking out.Then I got up and checked my bed for blood,but then I thought to myself 'what about mum' so i got up and ran to mums room as fast as i could, but she was just sleeping.So i just when down stairs for breakfast"Hi guys" i said looking at everyone at the table "I just had the scariest dream". Then my brother came close to me that was not a dream he said looking at me "get away" I said screaming then i looked around it was all coved in blood i screamed and screamed till........

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