What happened

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Chapter 2


I tripped over the chair.I woke up in a hospital but it was a hospital far away from home.I got up and looked at the blood stains on me "god what happened" I said confused. I got up covering up half my face with my hand, "hey does anyone know where my mum is" I said trying to hide my fear. Then someone came up to me and pushed me I felt like somebody had just pushed me in the devils home and I was right. I got up and looked at the fire around me "WHERE AM I" I screamed in fear when a evil looking thing came in ''I see the spirits have brought me dinner" I screamed even louder. Then the devil made an offer he would let me back home if I have a baby and gave it to him "you have 12 months exact for the baby to come"he said smiling at me. I screamed in my head, I did not want to give up my baby to a low life jerk and plus i am only 13 how am I suppose to have a baby. Then.......

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