What I've become (Your story)

Behold! A new kind of story, where you are the main character!

Chapter 1

The stranger

by: The_theif
You trudged slowly away from the church, As the rainwater soaked your hair. Somewhere up above, thunder roars, followed by a flash of lightning. You gulp, as tears begin to roll down your face, your very existence weighed down by some unnatural force. Pain. Your feet feel as if they're made of lead, as you walk down the sidewalk, back to your aunt's house. You're so angry with her. You're angry at all of your family. You were the only one that showed up for your father's funeral. You clench your fists tightly at your sides, as this burning rage blinds your ability to think clearly. It didn't matter if he was always drunk. He was still family. You see your shadow framed by a bright light, as you turn around to see headlights. The car was but a flash of black, as it's tires shoot water from a nearby puddle into your favorite hoodie. You cuss like a sailor, as the black van turns the corner, and then delve back into your sorrow. You couldn't help but cry a little, but that was okay. No one could tell in the rain. No one. Either way, you feel as if your in a dark mood, and ashamed of being weak enough to cry. You pull up the hood of your hoodie, and stick your hands in your pockets, as you continue trudging through the dark alleyways. Now everyone would avoid you. To them, you were just a shady, dark character walking the streets on a stormy night. A wanderer. A stranger. But then again, that's all you were to yourself.
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