Not So Much a Slave than Toy (Emo love story)

Not So Much a Slave than Toy (Emo love story)

Alright, my first love story, or quiz that will actually have mild dirtiness in it. It doesn't really make sense to me whatsoever but the basic plot you'll need to figure out on your own. And this character isn't based off me or anyone I know.

Chapter 2

Are You Sure I'm Not in Heaven?

Considering we were flying from California to Scotland, I was going to get tired, and I couldn't help but doze off on Derrick's shoulder. He didn't seem to mind, he was asleep aswell. Albert had to wake us up when it was time for the plane to make a pit stop. "We're switching planes Master Derrick." He'd said nudging our arms. I yawned and looked out the plane window, it was still late into the night. So I grabbed my duffel from the compartment and followed Albert and Derrick off the plane.
"Where's our next one?" I asked looking around.
"Our next jet, is a private one. Rented out by Master Derrick's parents for special occasions and traveling long distances." Albert told me and started walking us to the far side of the airport. There wasn't a board walk, so we had to climb down onto the runway and board the plane from a ladder. The second I stepped through the latch door my jaw dropped to the ground. There was a fridge, flat screen, hottub, dance floor and stereo system all in that one part of the plane. Derrick saw my look and grinned.
"Like I said, my parents are rich." He said and walked past me to get a pepsi out of the fridge. Since no one else was in the room, I took some time to ask questions.
"Where exactly in Scotland do you live?" I asked. Derrick looked at me from the kitchen.
"Larkhall. Its in South Lanarkshire. My fathers great-great-great-great-grandfather founded it." He replied.
"So your last name is Larkhall? I think I had to read about you guys one time for a history report on Scotland."
"You probably did. Us Larkhall's had a great reputation for starting wars and such thinks of the likeness." He'd said in a slight scottish accent that only now did I notice he had been talking with the whole time. I shifted my legs.
"What are your parents like?"
"They're...decent. I mean, they treat servants fairly enough, but they don't like them having a rank higher than chef. None of them are allowed elctronics or entertainment, and you have to do your chores or there are consequences." He caught the worried look on my face, and quickly said "But I wouldn't worry, they normally go easy on newcomers." He grabbed the remote off the table and flipped on the TV and for the rest of the plane ride we spent laughing at Tom and Jerry episodes. I was having so much fun I almost forgot why I was on that plane in the first place. Almost. The Plane landed at 6:00 in the morning at a very small airport. The only reason I had woken up at the moment was because of Derrick's loud snoring. I pushed him off his beanbag and he woke up with a snort.
"I'm not tap dancing!" He yelled.
"Nothing. Are we here?"
"You tell me. You've lived here longer." I replied. Albert then came in through the latch and told us to come out and that a limo was waiting to take us to Larkhall Manor. I found it extremely odd that Albert was the only one who talked with a british accent out of everyone I'd know in scotland over the years. So we followed him off the plane and we slid into a limo that seemed just like the one we took from my house to the airport back in America.
Even if Larkhall was a small town it took us about an hour to get to the manor because it was far out in the country. The second I stepped out of that limo, my jaw dropped farther than hell. It was at least six stories tall with a stable, guest house, servants quarters, swimming pool and anything else you could imagine in your dream mansion.
"My parents are out on a buisness trip, so they'll have to meet you when they get back." He said "In the meantime, I'll show you around." Then he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the servants quarters. He intoduced me to the two girls I would be working with in the kitchens and the equestrian trainer, apparently I would be cleaning the stables with him. Three long hours later we had toured the entire house and went over my every chore. I sat down on the steps outside the servants quarters and rubbed my feet. They were aching from that walk. Derrick sat down next to me and handed me a water bottle.
"Thanks." I muttered and sipped at it quietly while he bent over and picked a fox flower from the shade. He twirled it around in his fingers and then put it behind his own ear.
"That makes you look pretty." I laughed. I felt like the only fun moments I had in my life were with him..

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