D R A A A M A :/

This is my first story so please tell me if i need to edit... By the way, there is minor swearing:)

Chapter 1

What Happened?

by: Queeensz
So, its homeroom and im in Mr.D's class to study, thats his homeroom... So i go and hug him like every morning, he doesnt move, hes stiff as a rock, i ask him "Whats wrong, is something wrong?", he says, "You look different... your eyeliner" i tell him its me and only me but he doesnt care. I tell him, "Whats wrong please i need to know whats wrong please i need to know i need you, the regular unmad you talk to me." he tells me, "no just go im not gonna talk to anyone" i walk away, i give up on his b.ulls...hit so whatever. its 1st period in Ms.R's class. i tell him "Hey" he doesnt answer, im hurting already, he sucks im so irratated, i hate that hes so irratated. i tell him "shape up youre getting me irratated and im so tired of all of this getting mad and sh^^t." he says "babes im sorry i just want you so badly it hurts to see you change right in front of my eyes i hate it i want you to be with me and no one else and i dont wanna share you" wow i never wouldve known. i say "i liked you the very first time i seen you i love you babes." he says "i love you and no one will ever change the way i feel about you." we are together, now and forever and i love him always!


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