Gleek Is The Best Label Ever Given To Me

I'm compeletly and utterly in love with Glee. Especially with Darren Criss (Blaine) and Lea Michele (Rachel). I decided I'd write a story about it.
Character info:
Name: Olivia Ryan (Liv)
Age: 17
Appearance: Average height, green eyes, dark brown hair to her collar bone
You'll find out the rest when you read it:)
I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1

First Day

"Olivia, wake up!" My mom said for probably the tenth time this morning. "It's your first day, you don't want to be late!"
"Mom! I know my way to McKlinely! We used to live here, remember?" I moaned. In the summer before freshmen year, we moved to New York so my mom could be in the Broadway production of Les Miserables. Then, after that show, she joined American Idiot. It was the middle of my Junior year, and we just moved back to Lima.
"Fine!" I threw my sheets off, getting up angrily. I stared at my closet for a minute. I decided on one pair of my many skinny jeans and a blue plaid flannel shirt. I put my black high-top Converse on and headed to the bathroom to get ready. I had no one to impress. If I had stayed here all along, I'd be going to Carmel, not McKlinely. I wouldn't know anyone. I hurridely got ready and made toast with Nutella on it.
"Bye, Mom!" I yelled. I got into my car. It was a red Ford pick-up with front and back seats. It was my pride and joy.
When I got to school, I went straight to Principal Figgans' office. He gave me a schedule and a list of extra-ciriculars. Glee club? Heck yes! I smiled at him and went to my locker.
"Hi, you must be new." An extra-peppy girl wearing a sweater with a huge bow printed on it, a plaid mini skirt, white knee socks, and penny loafers said to me. "I'm Rachel."
"Hey, Rachel. I'm Liv. I LOVE your sweater!" I smiled. I wished more people would dress like that.
"Is that sarcasm?"
"No. It's sincere." I smiled again, reassuringly.
"In that case, thank you. Do you need any help finding classes?"
"Uh, yeah, where is Spanish?" I looked at my schedule. "I have it first period."
"So do I! I can show you where it is. You'll love Mr. Shue! He's the coach of Glee club, too."
"Yes. No matter what anyone says, it's really cool and really fun!"
"I believe you. I was thinking of signing up. I love performing."
"What? Really?" She said shocked.
"Yeah. Not to flaunt, but my mom's fresh off Broadway."
"What?!" She stopped in the hall.
"Is that uncool? Should I not tell anyone?"
"Which shows did she do?!"
"Les Mis and American Idiot. She didn't have big roles, just chorus member."
"Oh my God! Don't tell anyone not in Glee, they'll eat you alive."
"Eat me?"
"This school does not support the arts very much. I mean, we have a few Cheerios and football players on our team, but that doesn't mean that we're popular."
"Cheerios? Aren't they the team under that Sylvester chick?"
"Sue Sylvester. She is the devil. Never listen to her." Rachel's eyes got wide.
"Note taken. So, Glee? When are practices and how long are they?"
"After school on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. They last until about five except closer to competitions, which last until seven."
"Excellent." I smiled. We walked into class.
"Mr. Shue, this is Liv. She's a new student and interested in Glee. Oh, she's also in this hour."
"Hello, Liv. I'm Mr. Shuster, or Mr. Shue. I coach Glee club, and we have a meeting after school that you can come to, if you want."
"Most definitely! I am so pumped!" I smiled and took a seat by Rachel. She pointed out a bunch of kids to me.
"See the kid with the mohawk? That's Noah Puckerman, but everyone calls him Puck. He's very attractive, but bad news. My boyfriend, Finn Hudson, is sick today, but Puck and him are best friends. Right there is Quinn Fabray. Puck knocked her up last year. She gave the baby up for adoption. She used to be head Cheerio. The blonde next to her is Brittany Peirce. She's a ditz. The brunette next to her is Santana Lopez. She's a slut. Then there's Sam Evans, adorable, but dumb. He's with Santana. Those are all the Glee club members in this class."
"Wow. A lot to take in. So, to sum it all up, stay away from Puck, Sam, and Santana, Brittany's dumb and Quinn's..."
"She's okay for the most part. She can get really annoying."
"Good to know." I nodded. We went through the rest of the morning quickly it seemed. Rachel ended up with all my classes but last hour. She pointed out Mercedes Jones, Tina Cohen-Chang, Mike Chang, Artie Abrams, and Lauren Zizes, all Glee clubbers, too. We sat with them at lunch.
"So another girl's joining Glee. One less solo for me..." Mercedes said. She had an attitude about her.
"Hey, I'm not asking for any solos, just want to be part of something here." I held my hands up in defense.
Seventh period came along, and there was no Rachel to help me through it. Artie was in that class, but he had to sit in the front because of his wheelchair. I was almost completely alone. Wonderful. Instead of learning, again, about Ceaser and the Ides of March, I started doodling. It wasn't until the end of class that I realized I had made a heart with my ex's initials in it. I scowled. I need to stop thinking about him! It was eighth grade! The bell rang and I walked over to Artie.
"Hey, can you show me where Glee meets?" I asked.
"Sure. It's in the choir room, but I need to go to my locker first." He smiled.
"That's okay." We walked and chatted about school, finally we were at his locker. That's when a jock came up to us, holding a Slushie.
"Hey, nerd, this your new girlfriend?" He said tauntingly.
"Go away, Karoffsky." Artie mumbled.
"Nah, I'd like to stay."
"I believe he told you to leave him alone." I said, cocking my hip and giving him a challenging look.
"Well, this was for him, but I guess I could give it to you..." A cold Slushie hit my face. The white tank top under my flannel shirt was stained red. Karoffsky walked away, laughing.
"Oh my God!" Mercedes and Rachel ran up to me. "What happened?!"
"Liv was sticking up for me and got Slushie'd." Artie said.
"What the heck just happened?" I was shaking, probably from embarrassment and the cold.
"That's how it works here."

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