A cinderella story

A cinderella story

Soooo yeah they main character name is Jessy. She's sixteen. This is an emo cinderella story so if you hate emo's or my stories just stop reading now.

Chapter 1

The beginning

Hi, I'm Jessy, Jessy Anderson. I'm sixteen years old and I have blue eyes, brown hair. Theres nothing special about me really. I'm emo because the world turned its back on me when I was little. I'm the lead singer in a band called Doomsday. I have a little brother who is fourteen I think...I can't remember right now.
So anyways I got to school we're emos are treated like crap and right now I hate high school. I go to Jamestown High. I guess the only reason I haven't left are my friends, my band, and this guy that I totally have a crush on.
His name is James Darron. He has the most gorgeous smile. His eyes are as brown as chocolate, and his hair is as dark as the darkest night.
Anyways I have to ride the bus today because my mom couldn't bring me to school. She knows how much I hate riding the bus! So I'm waiting at my stop and praying that today's ride is better than the rest.
A few minuets later the bus came and the door opened. I walked on looking down. I heard a few people mutter something as I went by. "The freak is riding today." I looked up and saw Jamie smirking. Her blond hair was tied in a ponytail and she was wearing the normal thing. High skirt and a shirt that totally complemented on her chest.
I smiled. "And that's a bad thing? At least I can keep my legs closed unlike you."
A few people smiled and went "Oooo burn!" Jamie's cold green eyes were flaming. I chuckled and blindly sat by somebody. Her eyes went wider went I sat down.
"You know she's going to kill you later." I froze. A little voice in my head was screaming KEEP YOUR COOL GIRL! I looked to my left and saw James. I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out. He smiled. "I don't think I've met you...what's your name?"
I smiled and clutched my bag a little tighter. "Jessy, Jessy Anderson."
He started mumbling and he stared at me. "Weren't you that girl that stuck a lizard into Mr. Harolds desk in fourth grade?"
I stared at him. "Y-you remember that?" I blushed.
"Yeah, that was funny. I never thought that you would be her. You're to....to..."
I sighed. "Freaky? Dark? Scary?"
He poked my shoulder. "To sweet." He smiled.
I laughed. "Me sweet? Why, you're the first person to call an emo sweet." I blushed.
"It's true." I blushed even more. He grabbed something out of his bag and started wiping the make up off my face.
"Dude! What are you doing?"
He finished and looked at me. His mouth was wide open. "I-I remember you! You're that girl I kissed in kindergarden. I gave you a valentine every year....but I didn't think that you were the girl that was well..."
I stared at him in aw. "Th-that was you?" My face went red.
He nodded. "But I guess it doesn't really matter anymore does it?"
The bus stopped at school and I got up right away then sighed. "No it doesn't. You're dating somebody and I'm emo. I'm quite sure you're little barbie is influencing you not to be around people like me." He stared at me a little hurt. I walked off the bus and hurried inside.
It's nice to know that he was my secret admirer in elementary. But it's too late to go out with him. He's a football player and I'm just an emo girl doing very little sports. I put my stuff in my locker and decided to walk around with what little time I had left before class started.
"Jessy! Hey! Jessy!" A guy with black hair and blue eyes ran up to me. He's like an inch taller than me.
I smiled. "What's up Dan?"
He hugged me. "Friday, giant party, preforming for certain people....guess who."
I shrugged. "The whole school?" He shook his head. "Our families?" He shook his head again. "Our youtube fans?"
"Well something like that. Apparently somebody gave out our website and well every band that was on our list that we liked wants us to preform for them." He smiled.
"You mean...." I was grinning like a fool.
"Yes Jessy. EVERYBODY!" He smiled.
The twins of our band poked me. They have blue eyes, shaggy hair that covered their ears. "You told her right?" Kent the one with a pink shirt asked.
I screamed in delight and almost fainted. Drew caught me, "You really need to stop that." He smiled.
"Oh my god! This is the best thing that has ever happened!!!" I shouted. I got up and the four of us walked to my locker then ran to class.
"You four are late." Our teacher said. This is Mr. Roberts, our music teacher.
I shrugged and sat down in the back with them. James looked at me and waved. I smiled but nothing else. Drew stood up. "We have an announcement." They looked at us and Kent poked me.
I stood up. "Well we're having another performance Friday." I started. A few people were getting excited.
"And if you bothered looking on our website you'll see who we're preforming for." Kent added.
"It's going to be at the preforming arts center starting at seven o'clock." Dan said.
I grinned. "Thank you for letting us tell you and possibly waist your time." The four of us sat down.
"Well that's good for you!" Mr. Roberts smiled. "It's so good to see young talent being used."
The rest of the day went on pretty smoothly. At lunch the four of us sat in the back corner of the cafeteria. Jamie walked up to us in her preppy little way. "So I hear you're going to preform Friday." She sneered. "Well I'm not going. So there."
"Yeah, I don't care Jamie. Why don't you go do the soccer coach for once?" Kent smiled. Her eyes were flaming and she swaggered away from us.
"How much you wanna bet she's going to come just so then she can get a treatment by one of the guys we're performing for?" I asked.
"Twenty buck!" They grinned.
Drew wrapped me in his arms. "What would we do with out you?" He kissed my forehead. I love having band love.
James sat next to me. "Hi again." He smiled.
I sighed. "What do you want?"
"Can't I just sit next to you?" He asked playfully.
"Mmm nope. Sorry but I don't deal well with people that date a barbie." I looked at him. "Why do you want to make nice after all these years? You didn't even remember who I was until I sat next to you on the bus today." The four of us got up. "Do me a favor and don't talk to me for a while ok?" He looked at me in shock and a little hurt. Ken gave me a piggy back ride out of the cafeteria. What is he thinking? Oh well, shouldn't think much of it now. I've got a performance in two days! TBC

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