Dreams come true or are they? (Hogwarts Love Story)

Ok so im writing this 4 one of my friends Katy. The first character is me and will be the main one and the second is hers. This story is going to be alot of POV's.
Name:Victoria Beth Tyler
Age:Same as harry's
Hair Color:Long Brown Hair with puffy bangs
Eye Color:Chocolaty Brown
Other:Nose Piercing

Name:Kimberly Ann Tyler
Age:Same as Harry's
Hair Color:Red
Eye Color:Yellow
Other:Im not making her like the actual Katy that much

Chapter 2


by: MelMalfoy
We got sorted to Gryfindor and Fred and George whined about Kim being in their house but then when harry came not only did the twins yell "we got potter!" but me and kim stood up with them although it seemed weirder since we were first years.
The weeks that passed i became good friends with the twins but Kim wouldnt speak to them. At the gryfindor quiditch team we would dress up in gryfindor colors then stand on out seats and be like chearleaders for harry and then the second game when draco kept saying stuff i kicked hi in the back of the head since i was on the row in back of him but him and ron still fought. Neville crabbe and goyle got in it then i decided i should help so i told kim to keep chearing and i started to punch all the green i saw then chears came and i knew wed won i raised my arms cheering and founf my hand with a lock of blonde hair i looked down and draco was garbbing his head. I kept standing up for neville and then when he was coming out of the libarary and draco did the leg locking jinx on him i was there wearing bell bottoms and a shirt with long wide sleeves at the bottom. I walked up to them my sleeves moving along with me and i punched draco in the face then i whispered in neville's ear "i dont know the counter curse go to the gryfindor commmon password is pig snout" i said and he nodded then walked. "You little bich" he said clutching his lips so he spoke weird "stop picking on neville you pure blood maniac!" i said "mud blood" he yelled "idiot" "git" "loveless oaf" "hottie" he yelled "hottie?" i asked "i just mean you looked feverish" he said stutterinf a bit. I walked closer to him "you think im hot" i said right infront of him i felt his hot breathe "n-no i dont" he said "mhm and if i do this" i cupped his cheek in my hand and he blushed "thats what i thought" i whispered then i turned to leave he grabbed my arm and spun me around the next thing i know his lips were pressed against mine. When we parted he was smirking i punched him in the face and he stumbled back "never touch me again or else draco malfoy" i whispered in his ear then kicked him in the ribs and walked off thinking about the kiss. I walked to our dorm and found Hermione coming out "nicholas flamel page 208" i told her, id given her that book and id sent neville back here i was helping them on their mission and it felt good to help. "Kim you will never believe what just happened" i said sitting down interupting her studying "what?" she asked "Malfoy just kissed me" i said and she gasped i told her the whole story she gasped when i said the last part about me kicking him.
We spent the summer at her sister's and then we went back to school and had another year with her hating the twins and me hating draco then we spent the summer with her sister and then back at school for our 3rd year.

It was now our third year and we were 13 i started to like the twins wich disgusted me but on the bright side i became best friends with luna lovegood so much that sometimes i would sleep in her room. For Christmas break we had to stay at school like every other year but this year i got a letter from my sister Elizabeth it said. ''Hey sis hope you 2 are having a good time i need you two to get a place to stay this summer though because i need a break from everything im only 25 and im a mother of 2 i need a break so ive joined the missionaries im sorry but im sure you can find a new place soon!''. I clutched the letter to my chest and tears started falling down my cheeks i heard someone come and i tried to cover my face but then i saw it was fred weasley. "What happened?" he asked me "like youd care" i mumbled my voice cracking "try me" he said i took a deep breathe "everybody leaves me first my dad then my mom and now my sister" i said. "My father left when i was little and then my mom left and now my sister has joined the missionaries!" i said and showed him the letter and let fat tears fall down my face i fell stong arms pick me up then i ended up on fred's lap i started to cry while he smoothed my hair. Then i looked up into his blue eyes i felt a sudden urge to kiss him and so i pulled myself up and kissed him on the lips for a second he was surprised then he started to kiss back i grabbed his face in my hands and he put his hands on my lower back then i heard a cough. I looked up and saw Victoria standing there hands on her hips, she was wearing her pijamas still "uh hi" i said and got off of fred's lap then stood up "so the letter? you said you heard your owl in here so what letter?" she asked "Elizabeth joined the missionaries and now we have to find a place to stay this summer" i said "what! no way!" she shrieked "i hate Elizabeth!" she said and stomped back up the stairs i followed her but then i felt my hand being pulled i turned around and i was pulled back onto the couch. "Fred!" i shrieked "wanna go out?" he whispered in my ear "sure" i whispered back then i pulled his arms off and ran back upstairs. "YOU KISSED FRED!!" Victoria shrieked "ya i did" i said and stumbled onto my bed dreamily.

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