Dreams come true or are they? (Hogwarts Love Story)

Ok so im writing this 4 one of my friends Katy. The first character is me and will be the main one and the second is hers. This story is going to be alot of POV's.
Name:Victoria Beth Tyler
Age:Same as harry's
Hair Color:Long Brown Hair with puffy bangs
Eye Color:Chocolaty Brown
Other:Nose Piercing

Name:Kimberly Ann Tyler
Age:Same as Harry's
Hair Color:Red
Eye Color:Yellow
Other:Im not making her like the actual Katy that much

Chapter 3


by: MelMalfoy
"Vic wake up wake up Vic its my birthday" Kim shook me awake, it was now summer and we were staying at the burrow "happybirthday" i muttered, "Come on im going to wake the twins up" she said and dragged me out of bed towards fred and george's room. She opened the door to find two redheads in bed fast asleep snoring, she got something out from behind her which i now saw was a bucket and threw it at fred then george. They sat bolt upright and me and her started to laugh "oh you are (yawn) going to pay" Fred said, i walked over to george who was already falling back asleep "move over" i said to him he whined but moved over and i layed down next to him already falling back asleep but then i got completely soaked and i woke up again. "No going back to sleep" Kim said and i saw that fred and george had also been drenched "you are so mean cant you just let us enjoy the few days that we can still stay up late and over sleep?" i asked since it was now august and we only had 2 weeks before going back to school, everyone had already gone to the quiditch world cup and Mr.Weasley was always very busy with work now. "No" she said and then started to laugh i fell asleep and this time she didnt throw water on me we spent the next two weeks joking around and they started to create the puking pastiles and stuff.

I arrived at King's Cross alone as usual, i went to find CRabbe and Goyle who were waiting for me just on the other side of Platform 9 and 3 quarters. I met up with them then we were going to board the train when i saw a realy hot girl or atleast she had a hot backside she had long black hair with blue ends and she was wearing http://www.polyvore.com/untitled/set?id=29190125 "You two stay here" i ordered Crabbe and Goyle they nodded and i went over to the girl i tapped her on the shoulder "hey ba-" i started but was met by a fist "small pointy knuckles must be Victoria" i muttered then i looked up and was met by her Bright blue eyes covered slightly by her blonde bangs. She kneeled down next to me "what did i tell you about touching me?" she said then stood back up "not to or else" i muttered then i stood back up and walked back towards the sniggering Crabbe and Goyle. "Shut it" i growled and they immediatly ceased their laughter, we got a compartment to ourselves were blaise was already sitting and a few minutes later pansy joined us unanounced which annoyed me. "You like her" Blaise said "excuse me?" i asked "you like Victoria" he said "of course he does not like her!" Pansy shrieked "i can speak for myself thank you very much" i growled at her and she recoiled. "I do not find her the least bit attractive" i told Blaise "and please refrain from showing affection towards each other in front of me" i told crabbe and goyle who were holding hands "ya cant you see his eyes are too sensitive for those actions" Pansy said. I shot her a glare that told her to go which she did thankfully. I layed down on the seat "wake me up when were there and do not start fooling around" i told crabbe and goyle then i closed my eyes. I started thinking about Victoria and how Blaise had been right i did like her but so what? Nothing would ever come out of this foolish crush with that mud-blood but she was so beautiful what with her pale skin and black hair even if her blue ends and blonde bangs clashed badly with her blue eyes she was still beautiful to him. 'No draco snap out of it shes just another girl another mud-blood you have to keep your mind set on fellow pure bloods' i told myself over and over again but somehow i couldnt stop myself from thinking about her or sneaking glances every chance i got, if it hadnt been for that 1 kiss then he wouldnt have turned so masochistic. Not that i like pain but if thats the only way that i get a moment even a second a few words between me and her then its worth it to me. Could this mean love? No of course not Malfoys dont feel emotion or do they? Mother does, ive seen her cry ive seen her laugh a true laugh not one of those evil cackles, well ofcourse she does shes a black not a malfoy! But maybe i took after my mother and i do feel emotion? All humans feel emotion but malfoys ignore it only the weak show true emotion. I kept arguing with myself just like i did every day. Maybe this year i would tell her that i liked her maybe, no shed reject him right away, she hated him he knew it and there was no denying it.

'That had been a close call' i thought to myself as i layed down in the compartment with the twins,kim and Lee. Draco had tapped me on the shoulder and for a split second i had felt like i was melting but then i caught myself in time and punched him in the face. I hadnt told anyone not a soul about my crush on draco because what point would there be? It could never be hed never go for a blood traitor like me and besides i could never date a boy so cold and mean and a pure blood maniac. But i could still dream, dream about kissing him about running my hands through his blonde hair, moving my hands over his muscles, i could tell he had a six pack dont ask me how i just did. But he was mean and cruel and cold and a pure blood maniac, i hated him yet i liked him, i would never go out with him though. I layed my head down on George's lap then i soon fell asleep and i only woke up when we got to the castle. I put on my robes and my sneakers which were bright red converse then i walked out and got myself a carriage then went to the castle. Of course i knew what dumbledore would be saying so i went to the kitchens and got myself a plate of food then i went up to my dorm room. I crawled onto my bed then i started to eat while studying my new potions book then after a while i fell asleep with my head inside my book.
The following weeks seemed to pass by quickly, we found out about the Tri Wizard Tournament harry got picked so did cedric and krum and Fleur blah blah blah. Plus we found out about the Yule Ball "Omg! whatll i wear?" Kim said one day a month before the ball as we were walking to Potions "its a month away and anyway you could wear a potato sack and pull it off you dont need to worry Kim" i said rolling my eyes. "Thats easy for you to say your so un sociable" she said "im only not going because its degrading to women i mean did you read the fourth book hermione spent like 8 hours preparing while harry took like 20 minutes" i said. "Oh whatever your not going because you cant get a date" she said making me roll my eyes "anyway your going to have to ask dumbledore to let you take out some money to buy your dress and makeup and jewelery for that day" i reminded her. "Cant you im sure he likes you alot better" she said "oh why just because im called to his office atleast once a month?" i said "well yeah" she laughed. Snape opened the door to the dungeons and we shuffled in i had to sit next to pansy because stupid snape had paired me and her up to be potions partners "yo grease" i said as i passed snape on my way into the room. I sat down next to the idiot Pug face and waited for instrctions but in the mean time i decided to play around "why you looking so down pug?" i asked. "I told you to stop calling me that" she growled "and i am not looking down" she said softer "what didnt dracki kins ask you to the ball yet?" i asked as if i was talking to a toddler,she looked at me like id just found out her biggest secret. "Surprised that i know?" i asked "yes well everyone you like him its not very hard considering your like his own personal lap dog" i said. Just then Snape started telling us what to do and we set to work i found myself doodling in my notebook with a pen "what are you-" Pansy said then she saw my drawing which i now realized was a heart with thorns wrapping around it and inside the heart were Draco and Victoria. "You like draco!" she said and i felt my skin getting red "hey draco take a look at this!" she yelled and i saw her running to draco's table then i saw her give him the picture.

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