Dreams come true or are they? (Hogwarts Love Story)

Ok so im writing this 4 one of my friends Katy. The first character is me and will be the main one and the second is hers. This story is going to be alot of POV's.
Name:Victoria Beth Tyler
Age:Same as harry's
Hair Color:Long Brown Hair with puffy bangs
Eye Color:Chocolaty Brown
Other:Nose Piercing

Name:Kimberly Ann Tyler
Age:Same as Harry's
Hair Color:Red
Eye Color:Yellow
Other:Im not making her like the actual Katy that much

Chapter 37

Officially on hold

by: MelMalfoy
This story is being officially put on hold. I have 11 stories currently and so I have to choose certain stories for hold, So now I have only 5 stories which are still on board. 2 of them are close to the end so I may get back to writing this one or I may start to remake another of my stories. I'm sorry it's just that I am always getting ideas and to practice my writing I never leave an idea undone.

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