Kiss Me Goodbye (Please ages 14+ some manner may be not suitable for kids)

Kiss Me Goodbye (Please ages 14+ some manner may be not suitable for kids)

Summer break has let out and 16 year old Amy is not enjoying it. She had to move to Florida,Amy had noticed something weird about the teenagers around here. What will happen to Amy? What will she experience?

Chapter 14

Ventus and his new life.

by: TechNerd
Amy laid beside Ventus, he was covered in blood and bruises. Amy felt the blood form a small pool around them and it made her chest hurt. She tried to fight the tears to stop but they kept coming, all she could whisper to him was;
"It's alright, everything is going to be okay Ventus.." Amy found herself wording the words 'Let go' How could she?! How dare she tell him that?! Her life without them now was meaningless, she had lost her father, and her mother. All because of this dammed women! Amy shifted herself to look over Ventu's body over at Terra laying there, just starring at the ceiling.
"You got to help him!" She cried out to him, awkwardly looking at him.
"How can I?" Terra asked with a shaken voice, he did not cry for Ventus. He refused to show weakness in this situation.
"Can't you turn him?" She asked him with a soft tone, she was sure that wasn't what Ventus wanted but it may same him.
"I can't just do that.." He trailed off with his voice; "That is not what he would want.." He said sadly and Ay snapped.
"Well would he want to be dead!?" She exclaimed as the van took a sharp turn and they all tumbled to the right, Ventus groaned, Amy shifted as she was crushed.
"I guess not.." He whispered and Ventus sat up awkwardly with his arms bound, he had not taken the shot in about 2 or 3 days now. It was about that time for another, but when he bit Ventus how would he react? Would he kill them? Or Rosco? Terra would not transform without a taste of blood, so he leaned over to his partner and whispered a soft 'I'm sorry Ventus.' In his ear. As he lowered his mouth, the smell of the blood made his heart start to pump faster he hurried and gave his neck a short lick and swallowed the blood he had collected on his tongue. Almost an instant reaction his fangs slid out and his eyes were slowly taken over by the red color. He without hesitation bit into Ventu's neck, Ventus gave a deep inside scream and wiggled at the pain. This was not what he wanted! He did not want to be a monster! Ventus took a bite and forced himself not to drink his blood, he struggled to remove his fangs and after he did he stare at Amy. His thirst was at peak and he wanted blood, he could not move his hands so he inched his way. Amy had watched the whole process and she had her eyes on Ventus, when Terra started inching she quickly shifted to lift her legs and push him away. She was already in an awkward position so she failed to do so, as she wiggled she spoke.
"Terra.. Please it's Amy!" She exclaimed as she kept a watchful eye on Ventus as well. Terra paid no mind, his inner thoughts knew it was Amy but over his taste for blood nothing mattered. He was closer now and almost over Ventus, it was a slightly slow process for him but he fought hard to get close to Amy. As Terra was only a few inches from her a pain in his leg stopped him, he turned calmly and looked down at Ventus who had sunk his teeth into Terra's leg. Blood dripped down his leg and Terra hissed at him and thrashed his leg to get him off. Ventus's eyes were now a deep red, and his teeth were no longer human. Ventus felt the bitter taste of the vampires blood, other vampires could poison themselves by drinking each others blood. Terra leaned down and gave Ventus a glare, a wild look. He opened his mouth to give him a bite but the whole group were slung to the left and everything shifted. Amy was now laying on the other side of Ventus and Terra, they lay face to face with each other growling and trying to bite each other like rabid dogs. Amy was trying all this time to think of a plan, when this van stopped. They had no chance, none at all! she sighed as she tried to concentrate but the two danger threats lay behind her. Thought were they possibly her savior? Amy turned over on her side and peered at Ventu's back, he was still bleeding from his cuts but well enough his skin had changed colors and the wounds were healing. The perks to being immortal she thought. Amy then spoke to them, hoping they would listen to her.
"Listen you two beast..When this van stops I need you to fight.." She said in a low tone. "I need you two to defend your territory.." She said with a light smirk, maybe this was her ticket to getting out of here. Terra and Ventus had heard the words she spoke but Terra was more focused on his thirst. Ventus on the other hand headed her words and had more control, he nodded.
"I will keep you safe." He told Amy and Amy kept him to that.
"When these doors open, we are getting out of here alive." She assured them, Amy wiggled at her wrist that were chapped and sore. "We won't loose this fight.." She said with determination.

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