Kiss Me Goodbye (Please ages 14+ some manner may be not suitable for kids)

Kiss Me Goodbye (Please ages 14+ some manner may be not suitable for kids)

Summer break has let out and 16 year old Amy is not enjoying it. She had to move to Florida,Amy had noticed something weird about the teenagers around here. What will happen to Amy? What will she experience?

Chapter 2

Meeting Ventus And Terra

by: TechNerd
Amy had waken up to a shake on her shoulder, she tried to ignore it and she rolled over to face the back of the couch she was sleeping on. The shakes grew more violent, and Amy groaned.
"Amy!" Her mother screamed out and Amy shot up, head butting her mother right in the middle of her forehead. Amy fell back onto her pillow with a groan as she rubbed her forehead, her mother sit on her butt beside the couch. A large red mark in the middle of her forehead, she rubbed it laughing.
"I did not mean to frighten you Amy.." She said smiling that usual smile of hers, Amy groaned even more. It wasn't funny, she was tired. She had stayed up until three in the morning afraid that guy would come back. She would of felt better if she could of slept upstairs in her room, but her bed was not put together yet. She had eventually dozed off around three-thirty and here it is like eight o'clock in the morning.
"Amy, I need you to go to the store. I need some flour, apples, a few eggs some milk." Amy sat up her eyes wide.
"Do not tell me you are making what I think you are!" She squealed with a large smile across her face.
"That is right, apple pie!" She exclaimed clasping her hands together, Amy had not tasted her mother's apple pie in years. She stopped making it after her father got that job, they traveled far too much to make the places feel like home. She was always too tired, but this was for real.
"I need you to pick the items up from the store." She told Amy as she stood up and Amy threw the covers off of her, and dashed upstairs to her room. She nearly tripped going up the stairs and she dropped to her knees in front of her box with her clothing. She rambled finding a plain green tank top and some jeans, she found a matching pair of socks and slapped them on followed by her worn out tennis shoes. She hurried across the hall and into the bathroom where she peered at her blond hair. It was a mess, she picked up the brush from the counter top and brushed her hair out. Snagging knots every so often she rushed greatly, Amy's hair was middle way of her back just like her mothers. Only Amy had a bang and her hair was kissed by the sun, it was almost white looking actually. Now that she knew that no snow was coming, which quite greatly saddened her she knew her hair would lighten up even more in the sun. Her skin was slightly pale and she burned easily so that was not good either, her eyes a beautiful green and her skin so smooth she was a spitting image of her mother. Only altered, Amy was actually pretty scrawny until her father who was a slightly plump man, Amy threw her hair behind her ears and dashed down the stairs. She found her mother folding up her blanket and tucking it away at the end of the couch.
"Are you ready?" She asked Amy and Amy nodded eagerly, she held out her hand.
"Money Please!" Amy exclaimed and her mother dug a twenty out of her bra, Amy glared at her mother. She hated when she did that, it was boob money! Amy took the money with an 'ew' face and shoved it into her pocket. She turned and grabbed her house keys off the nail by the door.
"Be careful and do not get lost, you know where the store is at." She said pointing a finger at Amy who rolled her eyes with a grin.
"I will be back shortly, you just be ready to bake with me!" She said and her mother gave her that warm smile right before she closed the door. Amy rushed out the yard and onto the sidewalk, she was in a fair paced jog. She was too excited to realize just how fast she was going, she came to a stop when her shoelace came undone. She tied it and stood up, watching her shoes for a block before she looked up. It was too late to react when she looked up, she ran right into a tall brick wall. That is what it seemed like, not until Amy looked up and saw two figures above her. One was shorter than the other and the one she happened to bump into was fairly tall, Amy went to shudder her apologies.
"I-i am really sorry!" She cried out and the tall boy grumbled curse words as he wiped soda off of his jacket. He had deep brown hair and beautiful green eyes, they almost reminded her of her mothers only his were cold and deep.
"Do not pay any mind to him at all, he can be a bit of a grouch." The shorter boy rang out, he had short blond hair and stunning blue eyes. He looked about a year under Amy maybe, though she couldn't tell. He was short but had wide shoulders, and his face wasn't rounded like a young boy. It had filled out into a triangular shape, like most young boys when they age. He had little to no facial hair, all but some blond strands growing under his nose.
"I am Ventus." He said extending his hand to the girl, he was taken back by how blond her hair was actually. It was almost like snow, it looked like it had been bleached by the rays personally.
"That there is Terra..." Terra met Amy's gaze as she looked up to him, his features were a lot different and he looked a lot older. Maybe even by two years, his facial hair wasn't there either but small traces of it under his nose and chin were peeking through. His chin was well figured out and his shoulders wide and strong. Amy looked down to break the gaze, a small trace of blush trickled across her face. Just as she lifted her head to depart from the boys Rosco dashed over and stepped in placing a hand around Amy's shoulder.
"What are you going talking to guys like this Amy?" Rosco hissed at Terra and Ventus, and they equally did the same. Amy suddenly felt such tension in the air, and she did not like it.
"Well why would she talk to you? After all your not much to admire!" Ventus stated with a snort of laughter, and Rosco jumped and Ventus did the same.
"Watch it kid!" Rosco said through gritted teeth, and her grip loosened on Amy. Terra stepped in between them towering over Rosco.
"Can't you two get along? You are upsetting Amy.." He said crossing his arms and shooting a look at Amy and she felt uncomfortable.
"W-ell I have to go to the store! So I will see you all later I hope!" Amy exclaimed with a half hearted smile and she tried to free herself, just as she did so Rosco's grip tightened and Amy felt like her shoulder would break.
"Let me walk you there Amy.." Rosco said trying her best to put forth a normal smile to them, but failing really bad.
"N-o thanks Rosco but thank you.." Rosco frowned and tightened her grip even more and Amy nearly curled over in pain.
"Are you sure?" She asked Amy again in a darker tone as she glared down at the human.
"Y-yes! Rosco you are hurting my shoulder!" Amy screamed and just then, a release. Amy looked up to see Terra holding Rosco's wrist in the air.
"Do not get carried away Rosco.." Terra trailed off and Rosco snatched her arm out of his grip and, Amy could not help but notice the gaze they exchanged. Rosco walked away from them in a quicken pace. Ventus threw a large white ball at her, Rosco instantly turned to catch it and nearly screamed as she tossed it to the ground. Ventus nearly curled over in laughter and Amy blinked.
"What did you throw?" She asked in a hushed tone as she rubbed at her shoulder, it ached now and she just knew a bruise was coming.
"Garlic.." Terra stated blankly as Ventus walked over wiping tears from his eyes from laughing so hard. Amy could tell he was a goof ball, and it sort of lightened her heart to see someone like that.
"Why garlic?" She questioned him curiously.
"She is allergic.." Terra said with a grin and Amy gasped.
"Can't it kill her?" She asked with concern for her new neighbor, why would they do something so mean?
"It will break her out, at the most." Ventus said as he calmed down, his face regaining his color. It was red with joy as he had himself a good laugh. Amy found it weird that he kept garlic in his pocket, but she did not question him.
"I am sorry, but I have to get to the store. My mother is waiting for me, she is baking apple pie." Ventus nearly died, as he grabbed her by the shoulders and stood inched from her face.
"Apple pie!" He screamed and Amy blushed deeply pulling away from him, he nearly gave her a heart attack. Terra patted Ventu's head, and smiled down at him.
"Do not give her a heart attack. Well it was nice meeting with you Amy, keep an eye out for that Rosco.." Terra said as he raised his hand to wave bye. Amy went to do the same but Ventus grabbed her wrist and tugged her along the sidewalk, Amy stumbled along.
"Where are you taking me!" She exclaimed as she regained her balance and Terra dashed by Ventus's side. What was this guy up too?
"To the store, that pie isn't going to bake it's self!" He cried out and Amy giggled slightly, behind him. He sped up and as did Terra and Amy to keep up, while in run she couldn't help but think she had made new friends.

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