Kiss Me Goodbye (Please ages 14+ some manner may be not suitable for kids)

Kiss Me Goodbye (Please ages 14+ some manner may be not suitable for kids)

Summer break has let out and 16 year old Amy is not enjoying it. She had to move to Florida,Amy had noticed something weird about the teenagers around here. What will happen to Amy? What will she experience?

Chapter 3

Something Weird?

by: TechNerd
Amy was being drug down the street by Ventus, she was tired of running but he was still going strong.
"S-slow down! Please!" Amy pleaded out of breath and before she knew it she had tripped, she was drug for a few inches before Ventus realized her was dragging her. He stopped and Amy was on the ground, she felt the burning on her stomach and knees.
"O-ow.." She whimpered out as she sat up, she saw small trickles of blood on the cement. Terra grumbled and shook his head at Amy, such weakness.
"You are too weak.." He scolded and picked her up princess style and set her down on the curb so he could look at the scraps. Ventus stood on the side lines with sad eyes, he peered at her cuts.
"I am sorry Amy! I got so caught up in that pie mess!" He said taking her hand in his, he was on one knee. "Please accept my apology!" He cried out to Amy. She giggled lightly, and looked up to Terra who frowned.
"You two look like babies, get up they aren't that bad." He told Amy and she stopped smiling and felt bad. She got to her feet and her knee was a bit stiff and her stomach still burned a little, her knees were honestly the worst. She wipped her shirt off and smiled faintly, hiding the aching.
"Lets continue on our way." She said and Terra walked beside her, calming himself down Terra walked on the other side silently the next block was awkward. As they entered the store Amy was sore from stiffly walking, but she was happy they made it. Ventus broke off and went into the cake section while Amy and Terra made their way to the fruits. Terra held up a bag of green apples and then a bag of red.
"Which type of apples?" He asked looking down at her, Amy could tell he was cold but he was still human at least.
"We need sweet apples for apple pie silly.." She said taking the red bag carefully in her arms like a baby, while they poked around the store Ventus sat looking at cherry doughnuts. His mouth watered and he whimpered, Terra and Amy finally found him and walked over. Terra snatched him up by his shirt and way toward the check out line.
"No sweets Ventus.." Terra told him and Ventus whined as he was being pulled away, reaching like a baby Terra growled. Digging in his pocket he pulled out a five dollar bill, handing it to the huge baby Ventus screamed.
"Thank you!" He dashed off to grab the doughnuts and then back to them in the line. After they checked out they left out the store. Amy carried the bags in her arms carefully, making sure not to drop anything. It was about nine o'clock now, her mom was surely worried. Terra sighed and extended his hand to her.
"Want me to carry those?" He asked her looking down at her, meeting her gaze once again. Amy shook her head.
"I have them thanks.." She said not wanting to be a burden to him, but Terra reached over and took the bags. Slinging them over his shoulder he continued to walk, looking ahead instead of at her. Amy smiled shyly as they walked, that was nice of him.
"Oh god!" Ventus cried out and Amy looked over seeing him bite into a doughnut, the cherry goo leaked out over his lips and hit the ground. What a messy boy he was, Amy giggled. He then shoved one to her lips.
"Try one!" He urged her and Amy shook her head, he then pushed it into her mouth and Amy took a bite and gripped it with her hands. Cuffing them makings ure the goo didn't drop on her clothing.
"They are really good." She said swallowing and smiling, Ventus smiled back with cherry liquid staining his teeth. Amy laughed again as she continued to eat, Terra shook his head and sighed. Ventus was such a child sometimes, it was crazy.
They walked and talked the whole way back, catching up on new things. Amy told them about her father's drink and how she disliked her new home. She told them about snow, and neither of them had ever seen snow. Which shocked her a little, but considering they both lived here it wasn't that shocking. They made it to her home and she invited them in to meet her mother, she unlocked the door. Entering they followed behind, she entered the kitchen and Terra sat the bags down. Ventus began taking the items out of the bag and Amy paused as she saw a note. She read it quietly to herself;
'Father needed help, will be back in two days. Love mommy!' Amy's heart raced a little, this was unusual for her mother. Rare indeed, she looked up at Ventus and Terra who eyed her with question.
"What is that?" Ventus asked after moments of silence and Amy balled up the note.
"It's nothing, do you want to help me bake?" She asked with a sad smile, Ventus nodded.
"Of course!" He yelled and Terra sighed, he was in this as well.
"Lets start then.." Amy said as she went to gather the pans and pre-heat the oven, she told Terra to cut apples so he went and got a knife. He stared at his reflection in the knife, it was like a mirror. He began slicing the apples as Amy said, hitting the cutting board angrily with each slice. Ventus helped Amy make the crust and mix in the eggs and flour, adding lots of sugar. Amy smiled as she got her hands dirty, she was sure it would not taste as good as her mothers but close enough. After about one hour of preparation and another in the oven the pie was done, Amy pulled it out of the oven and set it on the counter to cool. It smelled yummy and Ventus became eye level with the pie.
"This pie mocks me!" He exclaimed and Amy held up a butter knife.
"Want a piece now?" She asked happily and Ventus nodded, just as she was about to cut the pie a knock rang out. They all had a long stare and Amy looked at Ventus, Ventus whined.
"Can you get that for me?" She asked and Ventus dashed to the door, he opened it slowly and as he did he saw a soaked young girl. He blinked, no from surprise of her but surprise that it was raining. When did it start raining? He came to his senses as the girl spoke.
"May I come in? The rain has gotten pretty hard and my car broke down.." She asked and Ventus told her to wait by the door, she stepped in and he closed the door. She had jet black hair that was at her shoulders and her eyes were a dark brown, she was fairly skinny and looked pale. Ventus dashed into the kitchen out of breath for a moment.
"It's a girl, she wants to wait out the rain I guess.." Amy and Terra exchanged glances and both entered the living room and saw the girl. She nodded to them both;
"I apologize to stop in suddenly, I am Lydia and I just need to wait out the rain is all.." She said and Amy smiled.
"Yes, no problem. Follow me I will get you a towel." She said and Lydia followed her up the stairs, Amy glanced down at her. They rounded a corner and in the hall closet Amy clicked on the light. Pulling out a towel she wrapped it around her shoulders, trying to make her feel at home.
"I know this seems like a burden, but do you have something dry?" Amy nodded and went to her room, only a few feet away. She dug through and pulled out a baggy white t-shirt, a night shirt Amy used. Amy however did not have any bottoms at the moment, Lydia did not complain and Amy left her to get changed. She came back down stairs and Terra and Ventus sat on the couch, they looked at her.
"She is getting changed." Amy said as she plopped beside Ventus and sighed, baking that pie was a chore. Ventus turned as the girl came down stairs, she wore only the t-shirt Amy had given her and no bottoms. The shirt was almost like glass, you could see every curve, bump, and lump she had. Ventus covered his eyes and dashed into the kitchen, Amy dashed afterwards.
"Ventus!" She yelled after and disappeared into the kitchen, Lydia sat beside Terra just a little too close. Terra eyed her carefully, he was not bothered by her looks.
"Sorry to ruin your plans with your human friend.." She gave an evil grin and Terra then saw, he placed a hand to his jacket pocket. He gripped his gun that lay hidden within the lining, he knew what she was. She laid her towel in her lap and brushed through her hair innocently, she still flashed that evil grin.

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