U Smile-Justin Bieber Love Story-Part 14

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Chapter 1

Our First Kiss

Justin leaned forward to grab his hoodie and his lips were almost touching mine when his mom walked in. Pattie (Justin's Mom) said as she saw Justin put some distance between me and him, "Sorry. I didn't interrupt something, did I?" Justin said looking a little mad that his mom had ruined our first kiss, "No, mom. What did you want?" Pattie said putting some more boxes next to his door, "I was just bringing you some more boxes. I thought that you would need them." Justin said as she closed the door, "Thanks mom." Once the door was closed, Justin got closer to me again and putting his arm around. I said snuggling closer to him, "I'm gonna miss you when you leave." Justin said letting me rest my head on my shoulder, "I'm gonna miss you, too. I finally get a girlfriend and I have to leave her to go to Los Angeles." I said smiling a little, "Yeah, I know the feeling." Justin said as I took off my shoes and putting my feet on top of his bed, "I don't have to leave. I can stay here with you until we graduate then we can go to Los Angeles together." I said not wanting to him to not go, "No, you go and follow your dreams. I don't want to be the reason why you don't follow your dreams. I want to support you not hold you back. I can come visit you when school is over for summer." Justin said, "You wouldn't be holding me back if you just asked me to stay. I would put my dreams on hold for you." I asked, "Why would you do that for me?" Justin said pulling my chin up so he could look into my eyes, "I would do that for you because I love you." I said a little shocked to hear him say that he loved me, "I love you, too." Justin said leaning in to kiss me, "I promise you that I'm always going to love you. No one can change that. No one is ever going to break us up." I said right before he kissed me, "Don't go all Hollywood on me and forget about me when you get famous." Justin said after he kissed me, "Wow. You're an amazing kisser. Who taught you how to kiss?" I said wanting another kiss, "I'm just naturally a good kisser. Plus, you're a good kisser, too." Justin said before we kissed again, "Thanks. All that practice really paid off." I said after the kiss was over, "You are such a dork but you are my dork." Justin didn't say anything back, he kissed me again and it felt like heaven. We started to make out and Justin got on top of me and we were doing this until.....

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