U Smile-Justin Bieber Love Story-Part 15

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Chapter 1

These Rude Interruptions

We started to make out and Justin got on top of me and we were doing this until there was a knock of his bedroom window. We both jumped and Justin fell of the bed and hit the floor with a thud. I sat up straight and got off the bed and went over to the window. I opened the window to see Ryan standing there holding a pizza box and some video games. I asked grabbing the pizza box from him, "Have you ever heard of a front door?" Ryan said climbing through the window, "Yeah." I asked as Justin got off of the floor, "Then why didn't you use it?" Ryan said trying to change the subject, "I didn't want to. Good thing that I used the window because if I hadn't then I wouldn't have seen you two making out." Justin said blushing, "Shut up, Ryan. You better not tell anyone about that ever." Ryan asked sitting on the bed next to me, "What were you two planning on doing?" I said blushing as badly as Justin was, "Nothing. We were just kissing." Ryan said opening the pizza box and grabbing a piece from the box, "I was just asking. No need to bite my head off." I grabbed a piece of pizza from the box and bit into it and said, "Oh my god! That is so good!" Justin came to sit behind me and grabbed a piece from the box. We sat there eating pizza until I said to break the silence, "Let's play some video games, boys." Ryan put the video game 'Left 4 Dead' into Justin's XBox and we all started playing. I said trash talking to Ryan, "I am so kicking your azz at this game." Ryan said pushing me softly with his shoulder, "Yeah because I'm letting you win." I said pushing him back, "Oh shut up. You are so not letting me win because you want to, you just suck." The night went on like this until my mom said that it was time for us to go home. I asked not wanting to be away from Justin, "Can I stay the night here?" My mom said looking at Justin's mom, "If Justin's mom is okay with it then so am I." Pattie said looking at Justin who was giving her the puppy eyes, "Its fine with me." Justin said getting up to hug his mom, "Thank you so much, mom." Ryan asked probably wanting to be part of the fun, "Can I stay the night, too?" Pattie said, "That's fine, Ryan. Just call your mom and see if its okay." Ryan said pulling out his phone, "Okay." My mom left and Justin's mom went to watch TV in the living room while Ryan, Justin, and I played some more video games and watched some TV.

-Some Time Around Mid Night-

Ryan said as the three of us laid on top of Justin's bed, "We should do something fun." I asked, "Like what?" Ryan asked smiling his evil little grin, "Remember that time we snuck out and we went around teepeeing peoples houses?" I said smiling while remembering that, "Yeah, I remember. Why?" Justin said before Ryan could say what he was going to say, "We were going to do that again." I asked, "Why?" Ryan said, "For old times sake and so Justin can have some fun with us before he has to leave." We were talking about this when Justin's mom came into the room and we pretended that we were asleep. She turned off the TV and when she closed the door, we got up from the bed and climbed out through the window. I said once we were outside in the cool spring air, "Let's go to my house and we can get the things that we need there." We were half way down the street when..........

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