Drew: Menacie to Human and Godly Kind..


Chapter 1


The burning of Khione has been a success! All funds have gone to support_Apollo's_haiku.com.op

We thank you all who attended and hope you had a fabulous time!!

Piper McLean, daughter of the famous Tristan McLean(You know, SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has invited you all to the bagging out and embarrassing of Drew, daughter of Aphrodite, Ex Senior Counselor

Venue: Camp Half-blood,Long Island,New York,America
Warning! only half bloods may attended since if your human you are no welcome to enter but this letter only appears to those children of the gods so if you don't know yet, take a quiz and find out who your parents are! You never know, you may be a daughter of Poseidon like me or a child of Aphrodite like Piper!!

Timings:We will be bagging her out and embarrassing her 4 times a day, & days a week for exactly 1 month so don't forget to order your tickets by emailing hermes_messenger1234@thieves4life.com, *apollo_single@hotmail.com, *aphroditesluver@in.your.face.bro.com or ares_for_sparta@warnopeace.com

Travel: Sorry, but we are unable to find any air travel since Zeus has told us that he'll shoot us out of the sky since he's in a bad mood. Percy has volunteered nicely once again to row those across the ocean
well Annabeth did anyway..poor guy..
Warning for the idiots who didn't listen last time, Percy is still kind of angry, he'll only probably cause a tiny wave this time..i don't think so...

Activities: The activities taking place are to annoy Drew are:

Name calling classes
Paint ball game, Drew against the wall!
Tranquilizer bullets:Aim for the deer (Drew)
Warning this game may result in the drowsiness of Drew, she will get drowsier each time till she's past out, the you can poor the stuff that cures her into cold water and drench her!!
Make-up Drew! (make sure to do it horribly!!)

The books also will be reselling with an addition:
Artemis's Artemis: 201 to kill men (i'm not so sure bout this one..)
Aphrodite's Men, make 'em love you, break there heart!!
Hecate's Magic Tricks! (Warning, they actually work!!)
Zeus's My son's and daughters, if you find 'em and don't respect 'em, the EAT VOLTAGE!!!
(warning, you will actually eat voltage so be careful, this book in some cases might be handy for camp half blood kids..)
Eros's 287 to charm your lover

and also brand new books written by some of the camper's themselves!!

Annabeth's Living with the Seaweed brain: the ups and down's of being me
Thalia's Lose weight in 5 easy steps!!
Percy's Clueless
Leo's 405 jokes that aren't corny!!
Piper's the life behind Drew, diminish the rascal!!
Grover's Tree nymphs and how to charm them (Grover, better hpe Junipur doesn't get her hands on this one!!)
Jason's Being the son of the most annoyingly irritable god, Zeus!!(Jason, I advise you to say away from him for a few days..)

Thank you and we all hope you attended!


artemis101 (i'm not using my real name peeps!)


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