Meeting Harry(harry potter story)

My name is Elle Potter.I am James Potters younger sister.I was 11 when he and his wife were murdered.After 7 years at Hogwarts(I was in Gryffindor like my brother), I left the wizarding world to live like a muggle.I keep my wand on me for emergencies only.
This story is about me meeting my nephew Harry.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

'Ellie," my work mate Helen said,"can you pretty please take this oder to table 9?" Urgh I should have knowen Helen always tries to dump most her work load on me "Fine Helen but you owe me."I grumbled, Helen and I were waitresses at a big cafe in London and table 9 was her section.I snatched the oder out her hands trying not to spill coffee everywhere.

I glanced over at table 9, there was a young boy sitting there about 15 or 16, and made my way over there, weaving through tables as I went.

"Heres your coffee"I put the mug down and looked up at the boy he said "thanks."OMG its James!!!!

I flew at the kid hugging him like crazy, crying and I said "James I thought you were dead!why did you leave me alone all these years!" The kid managed to say something even though I was hugging him so tight,"I'm not James sorry."

Oh crap!I started babbling "oh my god I so sorry don't make a complaint it's just my brother died when I was young and you lookm so much like him an-"

Cutting me off he said "Dont worry about it Elle my name is Harry, harry Potter."

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