Weasley Twins Love Story (Fred Weasley actually) part 2 year 2

Hello people! I'm back! Okay in this story you are still geanie lane (thats actually my name) you are 12 now and you had a pretty boring summer so you can't wait to get back with Fred and George. It's your second year at hogwarts also. Btw, if you hadn't read my first version of this ya need to! Enjoy please! (Harry,hermione and Ron don't come until year 3 but there may be some Ginny and Ron since they're Fred and george's siblings. Alright, story starts now!

Chapter 1

Fred and George.....again!

You get to king's cross and go through the barrier. You see Fred and George. You sneak up on Fred and whisper in his ear "miss me?" you see him smirk. "a matter of fact I did." you giggle and George takes your hand and twirls you around while saying, "and how was MY little princess this summer?" you giggle again, but Fred just glares at him. You see Angelina,Katie and alicia walk toward you, Fred and George. "would you like to sit with us?" asks katie. "of course ladies." replies both of the twins. Once you get into a compartment with everyone you ask, "so what do you guys want to do?" maybe just talk a little and share what we did during the summer." answers George. "well we all know the only big things you did was pull pranks!" every one snorted even Fred and George. "what about you geanie?" asked Angelina. "oh, well nothing big." you reply as boring as ever.


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