U Smile-Justin Bieber Love Story-Part 16

Enjoy and please comment! : )

Chapter 1

Breaking Curfew

We were half way down the street when I heard a car coming and I pushed Ryan and Justin into a near by bush and I hid behind a trash can. Ryan said coming out of the bush once the car had passed, "Ow Cheyenne. That really hurt especially when you go face first." I said trying not to laugh, "Sorry. I just didn't want us to get caught and get in trouble." Ryan asked, "What would we get in trouble for?" Justin said coming out of the bush and fixing his hair that had little leaves in it, "We could get in trouble for breaking curfew. If we got caught our moms would kill us." I said walking over to Justin and helping him pull leaves out of his hair, "Yeah. Our moms would never let us have a sleepover together ever again." Ryan said, "Yeah. Though Cheyenne, your mom shouldn't be letting you spend the night with us, boys anyway." I said punching him in the arm with more force then necessary, "Shut up, Ryan. I can what I want to when I want to." Ryan said rubbing his arm where I had punched him, "I was just voicing my opinion. Ow. You punch really hard, that hurt a lot. I'm gonna have a bruise in the morning, thanks to you." I said hitting him softly in the stomach, "Oh whatever. I didn't hit you that hard." Ryan said pushing me playfully, "Yeah, it doesn't hurt because you're not on the receiving end." I said as we started walking down the street again, "Okay. That's true. I'm sorry, Ryan. Forgive me?" Ryan said putting his arm around me, "Yes, Cheyenne. I forgive you just don't ever punch me again." I said remembering Justin who had been walking behind Ryan and I, "Okay, I promise to never punch you again." Justin caught up to us and went to grab my hand until he realized that the hand he was reaching for was my broken hand. Justin asked Ryan who still had his arm around me, "Can we switch spots? I want to hold my girlfriend's hand." Ryan asked looking at me then Justin, "You two are dating?" Justin said pulling Ryan's arm off of me, "Yeah since a couple hours ago." Ryan said getting on my other side and grabbing a hold of my broken hand, "Okay then. Cheyenne, what did you do to your hand?" I said wincing as he touched it even though he was being gentle, "After I got in a fight with Avalon. I punched a mirror in the girls bathroom. Did you not see how messed up my face is?" We were talking about the fight when..........


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