Wild Thing (Dallas Winston love story)

Okay, so the title came from a song I was listening to by the Runaways... Y'all should really listen to it. Anyways this is my replacement Dallas Winston love story. Hope y'all like it!

Chapter 1


     "You selfish little b!+ch! Get outta my house!"
     "Gladly!" I screamed back at my alcoholic mother. As my mind was reeling with anger, I grabbed my ratty bag and slung it over my shoulder. The screen door slammed behind me, obnoxiously announcing my exit.   
     Of course, there she was, standing in front of me with her arms crossed. 
     "Go ahead, say it," I sighed. 
     "I TOLD you so!" she bellowed before grinning at me crazily. 
     "Yeah, all right. Can we just get outta here?"
     "Yeah, get in the car."
     "When did you get this beauty!" I asked in disbelief. 
     "From Buck" Tammy shrugged, glancing at the T-Bird."It's technically still his..."
     And so, our adventure to Tulsa, Oklahoma began. 

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