Help! (It's A Hard Days Night!)

Imagine that you're the fifth Beatle and that you begin to film 'A Hard Day's Night' at Twickenham Studios. As the years progress romances begin to form within the group - with you at the centre of it all....

(Takes place 1964 - onwards).

Chapter 1

Sleep, clocks and filming.

by: Saars
Chapter 1

 You swear as your alarm goes off. You'd been sleeping rather comfortably before you'd been rudely awakened by alarm bells being blasted in your ear.

  "Shut up, shut up." you mutter groggily and though you were still sleepy throwing a pillow at it, causing it to topple off of your nightstand. 

 "OI! (your name) get up! We gotta film!" Paul's voice yelled from the other side of her bedroom door - well the hotel room door.

 "Five more minutes please Paulie."you begged smacking a pillow over your head on an effort to block out his voice.

You heard him sigh exasperatedly. 

 "(Your name), C'mon yer know what Eppy's like." Paul tried to reason, "Yer can 'ave a sleep on the train. Without the cameras filmin' o' course!" 

 "(Your name) GET OUTTA BED NOW! JUST COS YER A GIRL DON'T MEAN YER SPECIAL!" roared Johns voice. 

 "SHUT UP LENNON!" You yelled back. 

"Someones cranky." You heard Paul mutter, his voice muffled.


 You grabbed your clothes out of your suitcase and got dressed.

  "I'm sorry but we're only tryna 'ave a bit of fun." came Paul's voice as he walked into the room.

 "Yeah well think of another way yer could do it." You replied stifling a yawn.

 "Aye aye cap'n." replied Paul jokingly, giving her a salute.
 12 minutes later -or so- the five Beatles and Brian Epstein trooped out of the hotel and into a waiting car.

 "Now can we just try to keep a low profile please lads?" Brian begged.

 "Dunno how yer can with us lot Eppy." replied John, "We'll cause havoc everywhere we go!" he said with a wink.

 "Wouldn't last very long anyway - the low profile I mean." You cut in. 

"Just try." Brian replied exasperated.

  The five nodded and went back to either looking out of the window, or reading newspapers.

 After what seemed like an hour later, they arrived at the studio.

 "Me legs are stiff." Ringo muttered.

  "Walk a bit then. See if that helps." You suggested.

  "You do that all the time! Is it cos yer half Welsh?" John asked you inquisitively.

  "Hey don't knock the Welsh. Yes it's probably cos I like walking everywhere stupid!" You replied squaring up to him.

 "My God you are small ain't ya (your name)?!" cried George, laughing.

 "You should see me in heels Geo. Wouldn't be laughing then." you challenged him. "And anyways, I'm not that small Harrison." you replied smugly, folding your arms over your chest.

 "Yer seem it tuh me." he replied giving you a grin to show that he was joking which you returned gladly.

 "S'only cos Ring's taller than me." you mumbled quietly trailing after the boys.

  "OI! I heard that!" Ringo replied with a laugh.

 "Well you are taller than me!" you replied defensely. 

 "Just drop it you lot." replied George.

 "You lot started it." you mumbled.

 "No you did!" cried four voices back to you accusingly.





 "SHUT UP!" roared John furiously. 

"What's up wit' you?" you asked him.

 "Headache." John replied massaging his head. "Cos o' you lot." He added with a wink and a cheeky grin.

 "Oh," replied the other four. 

 "Which bit we filming today? Does anyone know?" Paul asked.

 "'Ang on." replied Ringo, "We need brekkie."

 "Always thinkin' 'bout yer stomach Rings." George replied with a laugh.

 "Oi shut up bout my appetite, I'm starving. S'not my fault that I haven't had any breakfast cos we had get up at seven o clock, is it?" 

 "S'pose not." replied George with a shrug.

 The others rolled their eyes exasperated but with grins on their faces and after heading off to grab food you make your way to filming the lads first block of film.

"Right, sit down here boys. (Your name) out of the way, you're not in this scene." 

 "I'm not in any scenes!" yuo cried angrily.

  You're still cranky and were trying to make George's shoulder your pillow. It didn't help with the fact that he kept on trying to shrug you off either!

 "Stop it Geo! I wanna sleep!" you moaned.

 "Don't sleep on me love, sleep on Paulie. Yer gonna deaden me arm!"

 "Can't. Don't wanna, damn it!"

 "I'm not exactly comfortable though am I?!"

 "So you're the closest one to hand!"
"Sleep on Paul's bloody arm, you've been using me as a pillow ever since Hamburg!" 

"You're comfortabler than him though Georgie. He's all boney and yeuchy!" You mumbled through your sleepy haze of mind.

"Oi i'm not that bad, yer know." replied Paul a tiny bit miffed.

"You are the tiniest bit boney Macca," John and Ringo countered.

Paul gave them an angry look. "Thanks you two, I knew I could rely in you for support." Paul muttered sarcasm lacing his voice.

"Yer welcome Macca." John replied, giving him a false smile. 

Richard coughed pointedly. He tapped his foot impatiently, as you slink away to sit down so filming could begin.....

After what seemed like an hour later the cameras stopped filming, allowing the boys to get a break. 

"Anybody seen (your name)?" asked George, to the other three as they sat at the table with their food.

"Nope, I've no clue where she is mate." replied Paul scanning the room trying to spot her.   

"D'yer reckon she's trying to play hide and seek, fellas?" asked Paul curiously.

"Could be." replied Ringo, with a shrug of his shoulders.

You weren't though, after sitting on the set for 10 minutes you'd finally decided that enough was enough and had gone for a walk to try to gain a bit of distance between yourself and the film that you weren't staring in - even though you wre a Beatle!
They'd given you loads of reasons why you couldn't be in the film like: "The girls might think that you were competition for them" and things like that but you'd gotten on quite well with the fans you'd met whilst out walking the other day! It was preposterous!

You felt like laughing hysteically, but you knew you couldn't otherwise you'd get funny looks in the middle of the street or you'd start crying. Your mind whirled, it had shrugged the sleepy hazy off itself when it'd been confronted by the news, now you felt angry like you weren't anyone.

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