29 awesome things to do at the mall:)

Just got bored..... This is stuff me and my cousin do at the mall:)

Chapter 1

Oh Yes;)

1) When a cashier is counting your change, yell numbers to confuse them:)
2) Find a toy gun and walk around shooting people:)
3) If there is a fountain outside the mall, jump in and splash around:)
4) If you are short a dollar, take money from the TIPS jar:)
5) Run around yelling "RAaPPE!! RAaPPE!! :)
6) Do kart- wheels and flips in the aisles:)
7) Go to the food-court and start screaming to get everyone's attention
8) go to a clothing store and ask if they sell soda
9) Dance all the time:)
10) Randomly shout "BIG BOOTY HOES"
12) When two people are having a conversation, reply to what they are saying, even though you don't know them:)
13) If there is a wig place there, try on the wigs and ask people if you pertyful
14) Stare at everyone who walks by you
15) Take your blood pressure and scream when it squeezes your arm
16) Don't move out of the way for anybody
17) Sing horribly to annoy people
18) Find a toy drum and rock out
19) Skip around and sing happily
20) Jump over everything like you are escaping lava
21) Say hi to everyone you pass
22) Tell people they look very very pretty or compliment them on something they're wearing
23) When going down an escalator, put feet on the handle things
24) Run up the down escalator when people are coming down
25) Cry loudly when you don't have enough money for something
26) Go to sears and play in toy land
27) kick a huge ball then run like hell
28) Ask people if they have a cat (hehe)
29) Start belly dancing like Shakira


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