Ive always been good at poems with a meaning. So my freinds told me to shear it with the world. :]

*These Poems Are For People That Want To Say Different Thing Read The Chapper Tital To Find The Ones THat Suit You!*

Chapter 1

I Only Want You

I try to tell you how much my heart bleeds for you no matter how much i try you wont listen. It's likemy music can't reach your ears, its blocked by a wall of negativity. I ask that for moment you stop rushing and searching yourself waether i am truthfull or i am lieing. But i would be lieing if i told you that my feelings were nothing. . . x

No matter what i can't seem to move your melodic voice from my head, it like a song that is constanly on replay. Its melody leaves me in a trace, like i am your servant, i am at your command. Please don't stop this music i want it to play on untill i have taken my full, but htat day may be never. . . x

Your kiss is like a drug to me, no matter how many times i meet your lush lips i can't get enough. I'm addicted like a man to meth, i am to you. I want to feel your touch on my skin, like a blanket keeping me warm in the winter, and a cover from the buring sun in summer. I want your eyes to meet mine, locked forever, not leaving for nothing, just stearing knowing what the other is thinking and linstening. I want to dream about you, have you even when im sleeping so that i never feel lonely. I Only Want You. . . x

What am i waiting for? I want to surrendur to you, but as i do we come undone. It all melts, our feelings, our memories, they come undone. You move me. But i cant move. You are walking without me, its come undone. You cant see me anymore ive become the edge. BUT as i go towards the ligh i pull you with me and tell you that we shall no longer come undone. . . x

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