Hidden Lies

First off, herminoe and I would like to thank Nikster for her help with this story!
After Amber and Jason get into a fight, Amber goes rock climbing to cool off.
But what happens out there will cause so many secrets and lies to arise.
We hope you enjoy this story!

Chapter 1

Going, going, gone.

"Amber! Just listen to me please?" Jason nearly yelled. He shakes his head and his blond hair flies into his face. I can still blue eyes and I know they are blazing with anger.

"Make me Jason. Look, if you don't want to hear my side of the story, just go away." I yelled back. Tears started to fall from my hazel eyes and I made my way toward the door of the house Jason and I share.

"Amber." Jason says softly. "I'm sorry." He calls out but I have already slammed the door. I fumble with my keys as I climb into my car. For a couple minutes I sit there in silence. I shake my head, and run my hand through my dark brunette hair. Then I pull out of the drive way, glancing at the back seat as well.

"Where should I go?" I muse to myself, wiping away my tears. I concentrate on the road, not really sure where I am going.

Then the image of what is in the back seat gives me an idea.

Rock climbing! I have the gear here!

I smile slightly as I adjust my route so that I am heading to Lake Louise. There's only one road that I know of that leads from Golden, British Columbia to Lake Louise, Alberta.

My phone starts to vibrate and then the song 'A thousand Miles' rings out.

I reach over and turn my phone off. I bet it was Jason but I need to clear my head.

Rock climbing is just the thing.

"Amber. I'm sorry." Jason's voice says in my head. I close my eyes for a split second before re concentrating on the road.

"Leave me alone." I whisper although I am long gone from where he is.

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