Judging A Book By it's cover [A Jason McCann Love Story] Chapter 3

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Chapter 1

Chapter 3

by: ImBack_
Kendra's POV:

Class went on and on, till the bell rang. Everoyne rushed out of class. I met Rhina and Scott outside the class room.

They seemed a bit shaken. Rhina is never shaken so i knew this was no joke.

"What did he do?" I asked a bit worried. Rhina eyes were, wide eyed. She looked straight a head; each step mesured.

"He...he...he's not a good person, just stay away from him. Trust me."

With that she walked off, leaving us there.


When I came to gym, i notced that the policemen were there again. Awesome. He's in my gym class to.
He was talking to these 2 guys. I've seen the them around the school. I think thier names were Chaz and Ryan.

They seemed to be laughing and joking about things. Not minding the stares they got. I still don't know what this boy did.

"Kendra!" McKenzi said running up to me with a frown.

"Hello." I said was we walked across the gym. It was flex. Not a full class so we sort of just walked around.
We somehow ended up near Jason and his friends.

"Kendra!" Chaz shouted.
I turned around, to look at them.

They stayed quiet for a moment. Jason was looking at me up and down for a second before smiling and clearing his thoart.

"Okay...Never mind...." Chaz
said.I looked at them confused before turning back to McKenzie.

As we walked away i heard Jason say; "She's a 10.......very rare." My brows furrowed. They were rating me?

I sighed, as McKenzie shook her head and took another loook at the 3 boys.

"God, I don't understand why they let him out!" McKenzie said in a low whisper.

"What did he do?"

"Jason had an older brother who worked with bombs.....and His brother taught him some things. Jason was 'Accused' of bombing half the school and killing nearly 14 people. " I listened closely.

"Aslo, he was 'Accused' of bombing houses of people he didn't like."

I sucked in a breath not noticing i was holding my breath till than. I stared st McKenzi for a bit, before my eyes shot back to Jason.

"Really?" I hissed, She shook her head before sighing deeply.

As the day went on it seemed as if Jason was in every class of mine. It was getting creepy.

What could make it worse?

When i got home, i learn that i have a new neighboor.(sp?)

You'll never geuss who...


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