justin bieber?? dude. no. (girls only)(part 15)

justin bieber?? dude. no. (girls only)(part 15)

10 comments :) im on spring break

~~ Kat :D

Chapter 1

meeting pattie.....

I was waiting for Justin to arrive, so he could drive memto his house to meet his mother. Pattie seemed like a really nice and cool lady. I NSF wanted her to know I wasn't going to break her sons heart. I really did love him. I was soo scared, I was shaking. I was constantly pulling at my skirt or fixing my sweater or re tying my shoes. ( outfit : http://www.polyvore.com/paige_meeting_pattie/set?id=28972087) i was ready an hour early. So I sat there fidgeting in my seat and fixing my hair and checking twitter and FACEBOOK every 5 seconds. I was relieved and terrified when I heard the doorbell ring. I jumped up and ran to the door. There was my knight in shining armor. He looked so handsome in his jeans, supras, and leather jacket. He was amazing. "ready to meet my mom?" he asked. "I don't think i'll ever be, let's go!" I said. He looked at me funny and laughed. He took my hand and led me to his range rover. We drove for 15 minutes and got to his house. It was gorgeous as I figured. "what if she doesn't like me?" I asked. "what's not to like?" he asked. "when your a mom.....everything." I said. He just laughed and led me inside. "hey mom! This is my girlfriend Paige. Paige, this is my mom, Pattie." he said. She smiled and said hello and then turned to Justin. "I need you to go to the store and pick up one green pepper and one onion." she said. He nodded and turned to me," want to come with me to the store?" he asked. "I think i'll stay here and help your mom cook." I said. "ok" he said and kissed my cheek. I smiled and watched him leave. It was silent for a while. "is there anything I cam do to help?" I asked. "no." she replied simply. Well then. After about 5 minutes of me staring at her back and not saying a word I finally just said it. " pattie I need to say something. It's important." I said. She turned around to face me. "I'm not a golddigging h*e, I'm not using Justin for fame, attention, or money. I love him. He's sweet and caring and gentle and handsome, and a good person. I could care less if he was famous or not." I said. "I just wanted you to know." I continued. I slowly let out a breath. "you are the first girl to tell me that, that I have actually believed. I'm sorry I was rude to you at first, but I'm glad you know how to stand up for yourself." she said. And after that we were talking like old buddies. When Justin walked in we had totally forgot about the chicken in the oven. We pulled it out and it was charred. Oops. "uh oh. well i guess chicken with grilled vegitables is out of the question. whos up for chinese?" she asked. "sweet!" justin said. i just smiled. i loved chinese food. pattie called it in and i went with justin to pick it up this time. he is so sweet. thankfully pattie liked me and we talked about embarrassing justin moments from when he was little. it was so much fun to see justin blush. at 8 he drove me home. "my mom likes you. i knew she would." he said. i just smiled and kissed him. we kissed for almost 5 minutes. "i want to take you to the park tomorrow. be ready at 10." he said. i nodded and opened my door. "oh and paige?" he said. i turned around to face him. "yeah?" i asked. "i love you" he said. "i love you too Justin" i said and we made out for another 5 minutes, until he left and fell asleep dreaming of the perfect boyfriend. my boyfriend....


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