College Vacation Part 1

Chapter 1

Me, Myself & My Dreams

Summer vacation is such an exotic time of the year. And either way, you'll probably think, "Hangover" when you're best friend has puke on the carpet, ounced with a quarter left bottle of beer and a dizzy head, swirling in circles.
I'm kind of one of those people. This year was college vacation, and the only picture in my head was the beach, the bar and boys. I'd picture myself like in the movies, splashing in the water until some tall, muscular blonde beach boy, preferably the lifegaurd, with swim trunks, a perfect smile, icicle blue eyes and gelled spikes of hair. Then he'd smile at me with his row of shining teeth and say, "Hey, I'm Jake." And then I'd faint. And he'd wake me up, but I'd need CPR, and he'd enjoy every second of it. Couldn't happen, I thought.


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