30 Seconds


Chapter 1

30 Seconds

30 Seconds
Are lost,
Can't get those back...
No matter how many times you count your blessings.
You'll never get them back.
So why cry about it?
Over 30 Seconds

In 30 Seconds
I'll look right past you, see what's really waiting for me.
Walk away...
Not for long.
Not for forever,
And come back in 30 Seconds
After what took you 30 years....

Ashamed, yes--
Feeling that I am the one to blame-- Yes
Don't question me,
I contradict with myself as it is....
No matter what I do,
No matter what I say.
You have your limits,
But what you don't have,
Are those lat 30 Seconds of my time....
That could've been made into an apology,
But you had to stall--
You had diarrhea of the mouth and lost all compassion,
Lost all train of thought.
Went off track, slurred everything you ever said--
Then I knew I was home--

To Ma,

Could've made it out before without knowing you,
Could've made it out so much easier,
Without all those times...
Coming home after the clock broke my heart,
As I sat up waiting,
Growing old.
Tattered, and deeply inflicted with the words you left me,
And now....
Never the less you may one day be forgiven
But for these next 30 Seconds
I'll be forgetting you.....
I'll be leaving you,
As if you hadn't already left.....
It's about time I leave,
Before Karma takes the wrong victim....


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