Behind the Corner.

Ah, so I'm taking a break from writing zombie stories for now since all the good zombie movies are gone since it's no longer Halloween (Halloween=zombie movies=inspiriation=good stories for audience owo)
So this is just a little random thing that appeared in my head.. All my friends keep tlaking about Paranormal Activity and everything so I've decided to write a story on demons.
Yes, I'm using the same characters over and over.. I'll have a Q and A things possibly some time soon.

Chapter 1


As we pulled up into the driveway of our new house, I felt my heart drop.
The, "SOLD" sign mocked at me.
The ride here took us three hours. And I ever so wanted it to continue for a few hours more now.
The house was huge, enough room for our family.
The blood red paint was peeling from years of weather and such.
The windows were big and black inside, showing no life was inside.
"I get to pick first!" Shouted out Scar, hoping out of our navy blue van.
"Nu uh! Not fair!" Said Kagome, reaching out for his shirt to grab and pull him back but missed.
I watched as she jumped out and they both ran across the lawn.
I just hoped they knew the door was locked..
"Crazt kids.." Muttered Yunhee, turning off the car.
"I'M OLDER! I GET FIRST DIBS!" Said Yubin, getting out the passanger seat.
I giggled.
"Finally!" Said Damian, setting me off his lap and he got out of the car, keeping the door open so I could get out.
I looked to my right, Kysoke was still sitting there almost like in a trance.
"Kyso.. W-We're here" I said even though I wished we weren't.
He didn't move.
I put my hand on his, "Kysoke-Kun, we're here.." I said a little louder.
He blinked and then looked at our hands and blushed then looked up at me.
"Oh.." He gave a nervous laugh then began to scoot out on his side.
I watched as he walked up the lawn to join the others.
"Come on Masu." Said Yunhee, taking the keys out of the ignition and putting them in her pocket then she got out of the car.
I didn't move.
I whispered very quietly to myself; "I don't want to go in.. You can't make me!"
I waited a few minutes then sighed.
I can't live in the van.. I slowly slid off my seat and out the van door, closing it when I was out.
I looked past the van and at the house.
I miss our old house so badly..
I slowly walked around the van and up the lawn.
Even Lee had beat me to the front porch.
"Hurry up Masie! We wanna go inside!" Called Kagome.
I heard her but I refused to look up or go any faster than my snail pace.
"Hurry your butt up, Skee!" Said Yubin.
I had the urge to yell; Shut up! Which was weird.. I'd never ever would want to say that or would say that.
"Hurry Kaeru!" Said Chex. I wondered when she had gotten up there..
I looked up at the house when I reached the porch crowded with my family.
Something told me I should run with my tail between my legs.

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