Please please read!

This is in memory of one of my friends that was here on quibblo who actually killed herself. She deleted her profile bafore, so I couldn't ask her not to, and I feel so useless. I know that it was her descision, and there was probably nothing I could do, but I still feel awful and I had to get it out somehow. So if this makes you sad please repost, and spread the news about teen suicides. Thank you. :'(

Chapter 1

In memoriam

I'm sorry to my family,
And also to my friends,
But this life is just too painful,
So I'm hastening the end.

I hope that you'll forgive me,
For ending my own life,
But living is more painful than any sort of knife.

Please just forget me,
Don't blame this on yourselves,
This was a descision made by me,
Not by you, or anyone else.

So this is it,
And So I say goodbye,
To all my family and friends,
And mom, please don't cry
I've made my choice, it will not change:
I am committing suicide.

in memory of OhDang_LetzBang, and any other teens who have committed suicide. :'(


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