The Innocent, The Jerks, and The Friend Caught In Between

What happens when popularity comes in between a relationship?

Chapter 1

The Beginning.

Are you ever curious about how easy it is to lose the one you love? Do you ever wonder why popularity always wins out? Well, I'm Tori Sanders, and do I have a story to tell you!! I was one of the girls that was dumped in the trash can by their crush just so they can be popular. It hurts, I know, and this is why I'm going to share this sad, but true, story.
It all started, not surprisingly, on an ordinary day at school. It was, actually, not too ordinary, because, it was my 5th day at middle school. You see, I had just begun middle school, and it was my first actual gym class there. My fellow gym classmates, most of which I did not know yet, were all sitting in lines accourding to the brand-new groups we were placed into. As I glanced around, my eyes skimmed a bunch of kids, sitting around and chatting, giggling, and gossiping. Suddenly, they stopped-- and fixated upon... a pair of dark brown eyes. That was a pair of eyes that I'd never seen before. Those eyes just so happened to be looking staight at me!! My heart did a somersault, but I quickly looked away. I didn't want to look weird to the guy staring at me.
The whole period, I kept sneaking peeks at him. I never saw him before, and I didn't know his name, but I was pretty sure I was forming a bit of a crush on him. I'm really shy, so I didn't have the courage to talk to him, or tell anyone about him. I just went on with my day, but with his face clearly in my mind-- especially his dark eyes.

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