The Innocent, The Jerks, and The Friend Caught In Between

What happens when popularity comes in between a relationship?

Chapter 9


As Jane was saying, she described how one of my new best friends, Kim, had spilled the beans. About Logan. Here's what happened.
June 20
I had just finished my advanced math class, which I had with Kim, and was walking outside the classroom, when she spotted him. That;s right. Logan. She had known that I liked him since the beginning of the year, and she always told me that she would set us up, besides all my begging and pleading for her not to. I'm not that desperate.
Anyways, I saw Kim walking up to Logan with a huge grin on her face, and I made a run for it. No longer had I just opened my locker that she, and my other friend, Maddy, came sprinting up to me, yelling at the tops of their lungs, "HE LIKES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
I glared at them and turned away to their footsteps slamming on the floor back to Logan's locker.

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