Blackbird: My Life as the Beatle's Muse

Blackbird: My Life as the Beatle's Muse

Hey! This is my new story, Blackbird. As the title says, this is the story of an American teenager named Amy Rose who accidentally becomes a Beatles muse between the summers of 1965-1967. But even after she leaves Abbey Road, Amy's story does not end, and niether does the Beatles. In this story, when you see the name above a chapter, that will be the narrotor for that section. For example, today's chapter has Amy Rose's name up there, and she narrates the story. Crazy, huh? :) Enjoy and comment!

Chapter 1

I'm Only Sleeping

~Amy Rose~

I saw him again in a dream. It was the first time I ever saw him dead. But he still seemed so... alive. As if he never died. But he didn't come to tell me that he loved me and he missed me, or that everything would be ok. He came to yell at me.
"Amy Rose!" he shouted.
I whipped my head around, my blond hair whipping me in the face. I only saw him, everything around him was black.
"John!" I cried, and ran towards him, jumped and clutched him in the biggest bear hug I've ever given.
"I want no hugs from you right now, Amy Rose," John scolded, furrowing his eyebrows at me, but still hugging me back, letting me know he still loved me.
I looked up at him, blue eyes widened and frightened. "Why not?"
"Why do you think!?" he cried, and began pacing. "Why are you getting an abortion, Amy?!"
I bit my lip. "For you," I whispered.
He looked up, as if he was asking for help from the big man in the sky, even though he wasn't exactly Christian. "Miss America!" he cried.
I smiled slightly, even though now wasn't a great time. Even in the afterlife, John Lennon still used the nickname he made up just for me.
"I can't keep this baby when all I'll be able to think about is how you should be around, letting it call you Uncle John. I just can't, John," I explained, feeling ready to cry again. I still couldn't believe I was talking to John again. It was thrilling and scary at the same time.
He groaned. "Babe, the last thing I would ever want you to do is get rid of the baby for of me. I loved that baby before you even knew existed."
"I'm not doing this FOR you John, I'm doing it BECAUSE of you. It's still to fresh in my head. You JUST died. I can't just fall in love with this baby, all I'll be able to think of is you," I told him, having to blink back burning tears.
He bit his lip. "I can't live with myself knowing you got rid of your own child because you missed me."
You scoff. "You don't have to live with yourself," I reminded him. "You're dead."
John grinned and chuckled. "You haven't changed a bit, Miss," he said.
I swallowed, falling more and more in love with every word he mumbled. Why did that stupid Chapman guy have to go and kill him!? That b@stard can burn in Hell!
He took my hand, just like he used to.
"Babe... please don't do this. I'm asking as a favor. Please?" he asked me, looking near tears himself. "I'll beg if you want me to."
I looked away. Dammit. If John is about to cry, it won't be long until I do, too.
"Please, love? Pleeeaaassse?" he begs.
I turn towards him, eyes burning. "How can I look at the thing and love it when I know some low-life jackass stopped you from doing the same?" I asked.
"Forget him," John said, letting me cry on his shoulder. "Do this for me. Show the guy that his crazy, idiotic actions won't stop you from doing what you really want to."
"He doesn't care," I moaned, tears going from burning to stinging, but John's familiar scent makes it all worth it.
"But I do," he replied, rocking me.
I took a deep breath, tears still hot and pulled slightly away from John. "But what if I can't do it?"
He smiled. It was a small smile, it was a sad smile. But it was a smile. "I know for a fact that a girl like you can."
I bit my lip and buried my face into his chest again. "I miss you so much, John," I whispered.
"I miss you too, honey. But I'm still here. You can't get rid of a fella like me that easy."
Suddenly, I feel nothing around me. I tripped and stumbled, leaning on nothing.
"John!?" I called his name.
"I'll see you later, love," his voice whispers in my ear, and I whip around, but do not see anything.
"John!!" I scream. "Come back!"
"I love you!" his voice kept talking, but it was getting distant.
"You can't leave again!" I shrieked. "Not now!!"
"Wake up!!" a completely different voice shrieked.
I spun around, looking for the other voice and John as well. "Who's that?!"
"Baby, its Christopher!" he voice shouted. "Wake up, you're having a bad dream!!"
I snapped my eyes open, the darkness familiar. Christopher lied beside me, calling my name.
"Are you ok?!?" he shouted as I sat up.
I nodded, seeing his shadowy figure in the dark.
"You kept screaming 'Come back!' and 'You can't leave!' Is something wrong?" he asked me frantically, hands rested on my shoulders.
I nodded slowly again, dazed and confused. How could that have been a dream? It was so real.
"I'm fine," I lied, and shoved myself back under the covers again, not willing to say anything more on the subject.
Christopher, however, was not ok. "Baby, do you want to talk about something?"
"No," I muttered darkly, turning away from him. I could hear him sigh, defeated in the black silence, but he did not protest. Instead, he rolled over and let me silently cry alone.
I mean, it's not like I could have slept that night, am I right?

My story does not start here. My story doesn't end here either. I guess if you really want to know my story, I better take you back to the beginning.

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