Fail Hetalia Story

Fail Hetalia Story

I wrote this for people who didnt know hetalia to spark a intrest in it. My grammar and spelling are really bad i know. I dont own hetalia. This is mainly about canada and russia. It sucks. I might continue if people like it.

Chapter 1

The begining.....i guess

I really wish this story was a normal one. . . I wish to say that Ivan, Natalya, Mathieu, and Alfred are all normal humans . . ., they are not. Ivan, otherwise known as Russia, was a person full of hurt and hatred. He wasn’t a bad man he had just been through a lot of wars and isolation. He was strong and he hid his pain with a mask of pure innocence. When people first met him they would swear he was just a large child that was, until he would get mad. When mad he would break into his chant of “Kolkolkolkol” a sound which could chill even the strongest men to the bone, or he would show his anger by bullying anyone who may be unfortunate enough to be around him. While he was doing this he would always have his signature smile upon his face. His younger sister, Natalya, was the cause of much of his fear and hurt. She was more commonly known as Belarus. She constantly stalked poor Ivan. Glaring at anyone she feared would come between her and her beloved brother; she was even known to hold a knife to peoples backs should they try to speak out against Russia. Yet, Ivan did not hate his sister he didn’t want to push her away but . . . she terrified him. (Not that he would admit it. . .) All Ivan’s attempts to keep Belarus out were in vain. She was a very persistent woman to say the least, and Ivan had lost many very good doors over the years because of her. (She wouldn’t let something as trivial as pad-locked doors keep her from her Ivan!) She really loves him you know, she wants to keep him safe. She has gone as far to try to trick him into signing a marriage certificate, but Ivan isn’t stupid. (She later swore she thought it was a calendar . . . when questioned more she insisted it was just to insure no one could hurt his heart. . . Nice sister isn’t she?) Luckily for Ivan, Natalya has been making some new friends. Her best friend so far is the self-proclaimed “Hero” Alfred F. Jones aka the good ‘ole Stars and Stripes, America himself. Ivan is very grateful of Alfred for a couple reasons: First, America distracts Belarus giving Russia a time to relax. Second, Alfred being friends with Natalya means he is over to his house more, that Ivan could live without, but wherever Alfred goes Mathieu isn’t far behind. Mathieu (or as Ivan calls him “Matvey”) is one of the only people who understand Ivan. Ivan in return was the only person who ever noticed Mathieu, besides Mathieu’s bear Kumijiro. (Mathieu seemed to be invisible to all the other nations, unless they wanted something from him) They both understood each other quite well seeing as they both had to deal with harsh winters and near isolation. (If you can’t tell Mathieu is none other than the personification of our northern neighbor Canada.) So whenever Alfred would come over Ivan would talk with “Matvey” about different things. Ivan would talk about his troubles with General Winter, Belarus, and his older sister, Ukraine. Mathieu, (A/N: or as I will now call him Mattie,) would talk about how Alfred, Arthur (England), and Francis (France) were constantly ignoring him. Also he would complain about how his bear, Kumimichi or whatever, (He never could remember his name,) would always forget who he was. That or he would ramble on about maple syrup and hockey . . . that’s about when Ivan would start to zone out. Mattie seemed to do most of the talking, but Ivan didn’t care. Both he and Canada found their meetings rather therapeutic. Ivan’s time with Mattie always seemed to end much too soon, especially on days like this when Ivan knew the next day he would have to deal with the other nations at the world meeting. . .

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