Sometimes the Bad Guy is Your Soulmate (A Draco Malfoy Love Story 8)

Sorry I haven't on for awhile.School and homework got in my way.Well,I'm here now and enjoy.

Bubbly by Colbie Caillat


Chapter 1

Yule Ball.

When I got there I bumped into Parkinson."Woods." she said sneering."Parkinson." I said."Potter.Weasel-brain." she said,giving a curt nod to Harry and Ron.I shoved past her muttering insults such as dung-mouth,pug-face,baby-faced git.Well I'll admit,I would've made a pretty good Slytherin.I smiled to myself and sat down on an armchair in the very back with Harry and Ron.This time,I stayed awake.

I left Divination and headed to Care of Magical Creatures with Harry,Ron,and Hermione who just came from Transfigurations.I looked at the schedule to see who we were having the lessons with.Slytherin.Yippee.Now I get to see Draco.But something didn't feel right.Then Blaise came and kissed me on the cheek."What the heck?" I said,shoving him.Then Hermione gasped."Chloe,your hair!" she said.I looked at the tip of my hair and instead of the brown color it had,it was red.Bright red."My mother must have abandoned you as a baby." said Ron,jokingly.I lightly punched him and kept staring at my hair."Chloe,y-you're a metamorphmagus!" said Hermione.All eyes turned to me.I quickly changed my hair to brown and kept walking."Well,this month I found 2 new things about myself that I didn't know." I said."2 new things?" said Ron."I have a liking for a Slytherin and I'm a metamorphmagus." I said.Truly I thought being a metamorphmagus was actually pretty awesome.Especially for disguises.

During the lesson,Hagrid introduced us to Blast-Ended Skrewts.Everybody ran into Hagrid's hut while me,Hermione,Ron,and Harry tried to round up the skrewts.Then the wretched Rita Skeeter came to interview Hagrid about the skrewts.Interview about the skrewts? Pfft.Yeah right. "Tell me about these Blasted Scoots,Hagrid." she said.Ron mimicked her."Err,Blast-Ended Skrewts." corrected Hagrid.Hagrid turned to us and said,"Ye guys can go know ye know?" he said."Oh yeah,right." I said
During the first task
Harry came out of the tent clutching his wand tightly.He shivered from the cold.I sat between Draco and Hermione as the cold bit at my cheeks.I wore:

Draco held me in his arms,occasionally letting go to let me applause.Harry didn't see the dragon in sight and headed straight for the egg.The dragon roared and attacked.Harry leaped behind a boulder as the dragon blew fire everywhere."Use your Firebolt,Harry! Your Firebolt!" yelled Hermione.I stood."Use the summoning charm,Harry! Come on!" I yelled."Accio Firebolt!" he yelled.He dodged the flames as he waited for his broom.I heard the sound of it flying towards Harry.He jumped on and flew.The dragon broke from its chain and chased after Harry.There were roars and sounds of shingles from the castle falling off.Then it went quiet.Too quiet."No,he can't die.He's too young." said Hermione.My heart skipped beats.Dumbledore shook his head and McGonagall had a look of sorrow.Then,Harry flew up and toward the egg.I stood and cheered along with Hermione.Even Draco started clapping.

We rushed into the medical tent and saw Madam Pomfrey putting some orange cream on Harry's cut shoulder."Harry!" yelled Hermione,hugging him."Easy Hermione." said Harry,lightly rubbing his shoulder."Oh right." she said blushing."So you weren't lying." said Ron."Look who caught on." said Harry.They made up and Hermione got teary-eyed."What are you crying about Hermione?" said Ron,looking at her as if she were insane."You guys are so stupid!" she said,half-smiling.Draco snickered and I hit him in the chest."Ow!" he said,rubbing his torso."Let's go see your marks,Harry!" said Ron.We walked out of the tent.Ludo Bagman raised his wand and a gold ribbon shot out of it and formed a 10.Dumbledore and Crouch gave a 9.Madame Maxime gave an 8 and Karkaroff gave a 4."That's rubbish! He gave Krum a 10!" yelled Ron.Harry shrugged and we went to the common room.Draco refused to come in but I forced him.We decided to do our homework on transfiguring a cactus.

The next day I woke up on the couch on Draco's chest.I looked up and saw him lightly snoring.I smiled and kissed him on the cheek.He stirred and awoke."Good morning jelly bean" he said."Jelly bean?" I said."It's better than chocolate frog." he said.I smiled and stood up."Come on.Hup hup,we got class." I said."Awww." he said,as he pulled me down again.He then fell asleep.I got my wand and said,"Aguamenti." His face was splashed with water.He awoke.I ran up to my dorm.He tried to follow me but the stairs turned into a slide."You'll pay for this!" he said."Ooh I'm so scared." I teased.I stuck my tongue out at him.He put on his signature smirk and said,"I'm going to my dorm to get changed." "Alright." I said.I changed into my uniform and used the flats.....again.

I saw him outside leaning on the railing.He smiled and gave me a kiss.Then Harry came out of the portrait hole.They gave death glares."Guys,be nice to each other or you will never hear from me again." I said.They gave death glares but shook hands.Draco quickly took his hand away.We walked to Transfiguration and took our seats.Draco sat next to me and held my hand under the table.

We were about to leave the class when McGonagall said,"Class,class.There will be a Yule Ball on Christmas.It will be a celebration to,er,let your hair down." Lavender and Parvati giggled.It was a rare occasion to see McGonagall with her hair down."You must have a dance partner and only fourth years and up may go unless you ask someone in the bottom years.Mr.Potter,would you mind me talking to you for a moment?" she said.Harry went up to her desk as the rest of the class walked out."Wow,a Yule Ball huh?" I said."Yup and I know the perfect person to ask." said Draco."Who might that be?" I said,already knowing the answer."Pansy Parkinson." he said."WHO?" I yelled."I'm just kidding Chloe.You know I love you." he said."Sure." I said,sarcastically.We headed to Potions and passed the twins."Have you been in DADA yet?" said Fred,or maybe it was George."Mad-Eye's wicked!" said George.....or Fred."I'm sure he is,George..or Fred." I said."I'm Fred." he said."Oh okay." I said."Just kidding,I'm George." he said.I smiled and walked inside the class.

This class,we had to make the antidote to the love potion.I finished and put a sample of it on Snape's desk."Mine's is horrible." said a voice next to me.I looked at Draco.Ron had his seat changed since he kept laughing during the lesson with Harry.I had to sit between Draco and Harry since they couldn't last at least a minute without bickering.Then Snape said,in his monotone voice,"Now we will test it on one certain person." Everybody looked nervously at one another."Mr.Malfoy.How about you? Ms.Woods you will be giving him the love potion then giving him the antidote." he said."Alright Professor." I said."Let's see.Now where's your potion?" he said,rummaging through the closet."Aha." he said as he held up the bottle marked with my name.I gulped and took it."Get ready to be the laughing stalk of the school." I whispered to Draco and I passed him the potion.He hesitantly took it and drank it.He looked whoozy.He put the flask down and said,"I love you Chloe." I slowly backed away.He tried to hug me and I ducked.Soon he started chasing me around the classroom.Even Snape was panicking and laughing a bit."Anything,Professor! Turn him into a pig!" I yelled,trying not to show the sarcasm.Snape frantically passed me my antidote and I said,"Dr--Malfoy,why don't you take this antidote?" "Err,okay.Anything for you,my dear." he said,smiling.Okay now I was creeped out.He drank it and he snapped out of his trance."Oh my gosh,what happened?" said Draco,stumbling for his balance."Let's see.You took Ms.Woods' love potion and chased after her around the classroom for what? 1....2.....3.....4......5 times,she gave you the antidote and you said,'Err,okay.Anything for you,my dear.' and here you are." said Snape,a smile playing at his lips.Draco's eyes narrowed."Well,class is dismissed.We will do this another time and who knows who will be next.Maybe you Mr.Potter.Or Mr.Zabini." said Snape.Everybody walked out of the class whispering and laughing."Well,what a day." said Draco."So about the Yule Ball......",said Hermione.My heart beated.I expected Draco to ask me,though we were dating.But who knows? "I'm wondering who I'll ask." said Harry."What about....errr..........well I got nothing." I said,smiling sheepishly.Harry gave a 'ha' and said nothing else.
It was a day before Christmas and Draco still hadn't asked me.Had he used me? No.That's not the Draco I know.I sighed and blew a stray strand of hair out of my face.The teachers gave us this week off because of the ball.Now kids ran about setting off dungbombs.And by those kids,I mean Fred,George,and Lee Jordan.Then an owl came pecking at the said:

Dear Chloe,
Meet me outside your portrait at 4.

I smiled.I looked down at my sweater,sweats,and Uggs.I kicked off the furry boots and changed into:

I looked at the clock and it read 3:50.I decided to go to the common room and kill time.Crookshanks pounced at my ankles but backed away when she saw that it was me.I petted her and said,"You little kneazle." She purred as I carried her.

4 o' clock came pretty quickly so I walked out of the portrait hole not to find only Draco but Draco with......

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