The Tales of Gryffindor Common Room

This is about the different things that go on in the Common Room. The many stories told. The games played. And the rumors spread. It's basically Gryffindor Secrets Revealed.
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Chapter 2

Boys SUCK at love

I was hiding in the 6th year boy's dormitory, using Harry cloak. Neville, Ron and Harry were sitting on their beds talking "Harry, what do you know about girls?" Neville said "Only that they have long hair, and never say what they really mean" Neville frowned "What, about you Ron?" Ron looked at Neville "Are you kidding me?!?!? I have a sister! So of coarse I don't!" Ron said as he plopped himself onto his bed "Why do you wanna know Neville?" Harry asked, Neville blushed "I wanted to ask Luna to come to Hogsmead with me" Harry looked at him "I've been trying to ask Ginny, but every time I get near her, I chicken out!" Ron sat up "You want to go out with my sister?!?!?!?" Ron thought about it for a minute "Well, you would be better than Dean, I really wish I could go out with Hermione, but I just CAN'T!". That's when I ran out from under the invisibility cloak "You guys SUCK with love!" Harry grabbed me at the arms "Where the bloody hell did you come from?!?!" I showed him his invisibility cloak "Here you go" I said tossing it on his bed "Okay, lets get started, Neville you're coming with me!" I pulled Neville off his bed and dragged him out of the common room, "LUNA" I yelled down the hall, she turned around and smiled to see me with Neville "Luna, Neville would like it if you went to Hogsmeade with him" Luna looked up at Neville's blushing face, "You mean a date?" Neville nodded, Luna threw herself at him "Of coarse!" I smiled "Good, now you two go snog", I ran back to the boy's dorm "Ron you're next!" I pulled him down the stairs and sat him on the couch next to Hermione, I didn't even have to do anything "Hermione, I love you, and I would like to have dinner with you. Well?" Ron asked his ears turning redder than his hair Hermione wrapped her arms around him "YES!". I smiled wide, "Two down, one to go" I said walking up the stairs "Harry, your turn" I pulled him out all the way to the courtyard "Ginny-" I saw her with Dean, I looked at him angrily "GET OUTTA HERE FUDGEFACE!" He ran off like a little girl, he knows what I can do "Ginny, Harry here has been admiring you from afar for quite some time, and he would like to say something!" I said turning to Harry. Harry looked at Ginny "Ginny, will you go out with me?" Harry asked smiling awkwardly Ginny smiled and nodded slowly. Harry had swept her off her feet! "YAY, now one of you help me with my homework!" I said. Harry looked at me, "Fine" he said patting my head "Can my girlfriend come too?" he asked grabbing for Ginny's hand

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