The Tales of Gryffindor Common Room

This is about the different things that go on in the Common Room. The many stories told. The games played. And the rumors spread. It's basically Gryffindor Secrets Revealed.
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Chapter 3

A Bet Between the Weasley Twins and yourself is NEVER a good idea

by: rachi221
I tried to sneak out of my house's common room being as quiet as possible. Of course, though, that didn't work out to great for me. "Rachi!!" George, Elana, and Fred looked up just in time to see me trying to go out into the corridor. George tackled me from behind while Elana and Fred decided to get up from being really close together on the couch. George pinned my wrists down. They laughed until they collapsed because I struggled against George and glared at them. Finally Elana recovered enough to stutter, "And where are you going, Rachi?" I tried one more time to free myself from George's steel grip, but finally decided to give up. I was used to this anyways. I was like a younger sister to them even though I was in their year. "Oh, no where," I tried to say casually but I stumbled upon my words. Fred made a face and said in a cheery voice, "C'mon, Rachi. We bet on who would win the quidditch match between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. You bet on Ravenclaw. Therefore, we won the bet and you have to test one of our Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes products." I groaned and tried one last time to break free from George. As I struggled and the twins and Elana laughed, Harry, Ron, and Hermione came in through the portrait and nearly stepped on me. Ron got this disgusted look on his face as he glanced down at us. The other two, though, laughed with the others. Ron started to go to sit by the fire and I heard him muttering, "Why must those weirdos be related to me? Pinning girls that are much smaller than them to the ground just so they can test their products...." Harry and Hermione followed soon after while I glared at them. I finally made the decision that I would have to do what they wanted. I groaned and, mumbled, "Let me up."
As soon as George let me go, I made a run for the portrait hole. I made it out into the corridor, a spell just barely missing me. I ran around the corner and ran right into Malfoy. I may have been a year older than him, but he was still taller than me. We both fell backwards from the collision. He looked at me annoyed to have someone run into him and make him fall over. He sounded about ready to curse me as he stood and spat at me, "Watch where you're going, bloodtraiter!" "Oh, shut up for once in your lifetime, Malfoy." I started to get up, but I was tackled again by George. "Ow! George, I'm gonna kill you!" I schreeched at him. He pinned my wrists down as Fred and Elana knelt down. "Ready, Rachi?" I opened my mouth to reply, but Fred dropped something in my mouth before I could protest. Elana glared at Malfoy until Malfoy realised that she would punch him again if he didn't leave and stop staring at me. He hurried away. "What was it?" I mumbled from beneath George. "A Fever Fudge," All three of them replied as I started to get pale. "I'm gonna kill all thre of you when I get out of the Hospital Wing."
"Who said we were gonna take you to the Hospital Wing?"
"Ok, ok! There's no need to shout!"
George picked me up, and started to carry me to the Hospital Wing. I glared at him the whole way there. He noticed me, but thought I was gazing at him dreamily! EW!
"Rachi, you really need to stop staring at me like that. I mean, I'm carrying you in my arms, and you're staring at me. What are people gonna think?"
I smacked him as hard as I could, which wasn't that hard. He pretended to be hurt and said, "Fine, fine. I'm sorry." I giggled at how sad he pretended to be. Finally, we arrived at the Hospital Wing. He carried me in and set me down in an empty bed. Madam Promfrey rushed over asking what happened. "She felt sick, and she had a fever so I brought her here." George grinned at me while Madam Promfrey checked to make sure I was sick. he told me I had to stay in the Hospital Wing for tonight and tomorrow.

2 days later
I missed soooo much work. I sat in the library making up work while Fred, George, and Elana played exploding snap at the table next to me.
"Ugh, I blame you guys for this!"
I learned my lesson and will never make a bet with the twins again!

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