My one and only (a justin bieber love story)

Alexis is just an ordinary teenager but when she meets justin bieber will her life change for better or for worse?

Chapter 1

The punishment?

by: lore
(a/n: this takes place in dallas,tx lol where im from)

(PLEASE COMMENT!!! It means a lot to me.)

(alexis pov)
Great im going to a justin bieber concert!!! Im so excited!!!........ NOT!!! I really dont want to go but my parents are forcing me to take my cuzin kim shes 15 years old like me. Yes this was my punishment for hitting my lil bro but hey he deserved it. I straightened my black hair n wore my favorite skinny jeans with converse n a red shirt with a black vest. when i was done i looked in the mirror n stared at myself, i changed a lot this summer i finally got my braces off n got rid of the glasses i finally felt better about myself. I went downstairs to get something to eat when i heard a knock on the door. I opened it n cuzin kim.
(end of pov)

(A/n: alexis n kim r cuzins n bff they have a lot in common except that kim is in love with jb n alexis think hes just a stuck up jerk)

K:hey u ready? Im so excited!!!
A:yeah im ready (grabs ipod of the counter)
K: (looks at her weird) what r u doin?
A:ummm......getting my ipod
K: y? we're going to a concert.
A: well i'd rather listen to my ipod than listen to hundreds of girls screaming.
K: ugh...watever lets just go...
A: uhem?
K:what?.......oh thankyou for taking me to the concert alexis ur the best cuzin ever i luv u.....
A: ur welcome but u kno im only doing this becuz of my punishment
K: yea but i dont care....
(they leave to the concert)

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