Draco Malfoy

Draco Malfoy

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Chapter 1


You step off the train in a hurry, eager to see your friends after the long break. Suddenly you feel lightheaded as you smell something so amazing it can't be real. Whipping around so fast your visions a blur you smack right into a rock hard chest, you catch that smell again and look up. "Well hello there" Draco Malfoy says, "Oh im sorry!" you reply hurrying to turn around and get out of his way. "Don't be, beautiful" are the last words he says before him and his friends walk away. You are speechless, and once you get into the great hall you can't get him off your mind. Later that night you are walking about the corridors out of a restless habit, and you catch that scent again. "Draco?" you say, "Hey there beautiful" he says, speechless again you do not reply. He walks towards you, close enough for you to touch. "What are you doing out this late?" you stutter, "Looking for you of course" he replies as he leans in, "What are you doing?" "This" His lips find yours and you feel as if
You're flying through a wildfire, his lips on yours, you never in a million years thought this could be happening to you. TBC.........................pt 2


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