That Brave Hufflepuff

Name: Julianna Margret Leramona
Age: 14
Year: 5
Blood: Pure
House: Hufflepuff
Looks: Long fair black hair.Tanned Skin.Not too skinny not to fat.Pretty :

Chapter 1

Every 100 Years

Every one hundred years or so a Hufflepuff of great standerds is born. A mix between one of the brave houses Griffindor or Slytherin will cross with a Hufflepuff making him or her exceedingly brave from Griffindor or Slytherin but contained and shy but with a kind heart,a trait from Hufflepuff. This makes him or her one of a kind. This type is very rare they usually take after brave or shy around the age of 13 or older. They're are few records showing one.The day it comes the world will be uplifted and brought out of the darkness a new age of kindness and life shall take over.
Hey my name's Julianna Margret Leramona but my friends call me Julie,Julia,or when they want me to do somthing Julileramo.I am kind of a soloist with five friends.I like the color Red as in Blood Red.My friends say I am half-vampire too silly right.My friends are Lancy Jones,a Hufflepuff.Tasie Lockwood,Hufflepuff.Ramonia Pullman,Ravenclaw.And the most awesome of the bunch, Tyler Brown,Griffindor,he earned the award for saying Julileramo to me the most but still he is great,he is also a friend of the one year younger than us Golden Trio,Harry Potter or as we like to call him The Hair,Heromine Granger or Herman/Hermanoid,and finally Ron Weasly or Re-Wee.So anyway that was the introduction that most stories have introducing I gess? Well my story starts this year on the first day of my fourth year at the feast.I usually shy away from the crowd and I was strangly drawn to it I wanted to be noticed for a change somthing took over me.It really started when I saw Malfoy picking on first years. "Well kids my name is Draco Malfoy you are to call me Mr.Malfoy-or else,got it." "Yes Mr.Malfoy." The three petrified first years managed. "What are you doing Malfoy terrifing first years thats not nice is it." wow did I just say that,yeah I think I did. "Kids this is Julianna she is a Pethetic Hufflepuff.Wait no no The Pethetic Hufflepuff." "Look if you want these first years to see they're first houwarts fight go ahead and talk." "Oh please Julia let them see this.I'm not afraid to hurt a girl." "Well than you havn't met this girl.Tarantallegra," The kids started laughing as Malfoy started to dance uncontrollably he did disco and then salsa and some dances I didn't even know.
"now kids follow me and don't call that thing over there Mr.Malfoy-please its discusting.Now come on we don't want you guys to miss sorting do we and its ok to be nervous.I was in your shoes four years ago.I promise as long as I am here I wont let anything bad happen to you while your here.The Great Halls down here.Go on good luck." I gave them a reassuring smile and pushed them all alittle bit.They walked into the Great Hall with small smiles playing on they're faces. "Ah yes dance monkey dace." I burst out laughing. "Here i'll choose to be nice to you.Finite." As soon as he stopped dacing he straight up slapped me in the face!He looked at me and then he walked towards the great hall.I ran up behind him and pounced on his back. "Ahh get off my you b**ch!" I socked him in the nose and he fell into the Great Hall.Malfoy got up and takcled me and I elbowed him in the stomach.I quickly got up before he could recover and ran to the Gryffindor table and grabbed a plate by that time Malfoy was just starting to get up. I heard somone tell "Incarcerous!" Ropes grew from the floor and wrapped around my ankles as I was running causiig me to fall.The ropes slithered across almost every part of me,they wrapped around my wrist and made me drop the plate. I heard Malfoy scream and saw him dangling from his ankle.
"What the devil is going on heeeere!" Said the cold voice of Snape.[sorry i had to steal that from AVPM] "She tackled me Professer." Said Malfoys Dumb Arse voice. "I wouldn't of tackled me if he hadn't slapped me." I argued. "Shes right I saw it she had did a spell on him because he was harassing us it made him do funny dances and when she lead us here and went back,I stood by the door and watched and she took off the spell and he hit her so she tackled him in here,shes brave and kind its him up there,Malfoy I think his name is,he should get in trouble for hitting a girl,she was just protecting herself." Said one of the little first years that I lead in,she had a long mane of dirty brown hair and was the shortest in the group. "Why thank you Miss.." "My names Samantha Brown Welsh but my friends call me Sam." "Well thank you Miss Welsh and who do you think was to blame for this misshap." I could tell Snape was taking a liking to this girl she was brave and cunning probally smart too,I can tell he was wishing she would be slytherin. The little girl Sam pointed at Malfoy dangling in the air not breaking eye contact with Snape. "Thank you Miss Brown.Miss Leramona,Miss Malfoy you will both have detention Miss Malfoy's will be longer." "I'm not a girl!" "Since when because your fighting was rather girlish you didn't get in one good punch.All she has is a scratch in the cheek and some messy hair,but you Miss Malfoy have Messy hair,a bloody lip,A twisted ankle,and a blackend eye and I suspect its not because you didn't wan to hit a girl. The whole school broke in laughter even the Slytherins and the teachers.When did Snape start to have a since of humor! He jabbed his hand and he fell from the floor and right on his butt too! My ropes began to untangle themselves from me but the one on my hand keeping me away from the plate stayed.Then Snape pointed his wand again and the plate grew legs and walked back to the table and the rope around my hand fell dead looking on the floor.I got up and rubbed my wrists Malfoy was still on the floor.He tried to get up but his pants were stuck to the floor! "Now Miss Malfoy are you ready to apologise to Miss Leramona. "Never." "Well than have fun on the floor and the only way to get off is to take off the pants and show your 'My Little Pony' underwear." That left people banging tables and gasping for air they were laughing so much."You over there with the Black hair,Gryffindor." "Me?" "Yes you whats your name?" "Jade Montgomery." "Take Miss Leramona to Dumbledors office now." "Er,yes sir!" She got up and scurried over to the door and motioned me to follow her.I walked over.We left The Great Hall in silence."That was brillant what you did back there.I wouldn't of done the same and i'm in Gryffindor." She wisperd im my ear. Those peircing green eyes of hers bore into mine waiting for a response. "Thank You." "I can't belive your a Hufflepuff.And you took on a Slytherin and won." Me too I don't know where I got it from." "Say was one of you parents a Slytherin or Gryffindor?" "Yeah my dad as Slytherin and my moms Hufflepuff." She let out a small gasp and stopped where she was. "Are you ok Jade?" "Your the one hey appear every 100 years." She walked towards The Great Hall still talking.It seemed as if her eyes glowed green.I kept walking feeling confused.I finally made it to Dumbledor's office.I sat down on the floor knowing that the Gargoale wouldn't let me in because I didn't have the password.

I don't like it very much.Should I continue? I know some of you said you like it.And I addend humor its like everything a story needs,but just wondering do my readers like it.She COMMENTed.Just wondering how I would would RATE it.This story is now my FAVORITE.

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