The Lost Soul...

"Danny,Danny where are you, dont be afraid it's me Grace"...

Chapter 1

The Crash...

Many years ago a young girl called Grace died in a car crash with her mum and dad and became a lost soul looking for her long lost brother who was still alive. Grace wondered day and night waiting for her brother to appear.Without luck she searched in his colledge in every single dorm but he was nowhere to be found.

Harper, Daniel Harper was his name an undercover agent for the UAS (Undercover Agent Society). His fake name was Johnny Headington.The UAS went for unusual names unlike David, Callum, William, Gabriel, and Lisa.Unusual surnames unlike Green, Smith, Darbyshire and Brown. Daniel was in compartment C the best compartment there ever has been.

Daniel had the most amazing life because he was the most amazing undercover agent. He had a Ferarri, Bently, Porsche, Lambo and the car everybody wants the Bugatti Veyron, he had 2 mansions and a ridiculalsy large gargen where his 2 daughters and 1 son played their names where Lilly Maisy and Junior.


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