Reden (Tokio Hotel Story)

Hope you like. (: Put this on for a friend. About two sisters, & the band Tokio Hotel. Not into that kind of thing, click off now.

Chapter 1

Part One

by: iamsodone
4 Years Earlier

"Marry me, Chloe." Logan was very, very drunk. Why else would he show up at my house, 2 A.M., pleading for me to marry him? He himself said he never wanted to get married. Not only that, but I could smell the booze on his breathe, which was very strong. This is just typical Logan. "I'm begging you." He said, running his fingers through my hair, creating a giant knot. "No. Your drunk." I ripped his hand from my hair. How was I gonna get this knot out? "Oh, c'mon, you know I'd ask sometime... What are you waiting for, sexy?" "Logan, we've only been dating for a month. You don't want this." He pushed me against the door frame, & walked straight into my house. Stumbling, he leaned on a table, knocking everything off. He threw himself down on the couch, almost sitting on my sleeping sister's head. "Shut up, your gonna wake up my parents..." I said, as I cautiously picked up my dad's tazer from the floor & slipped it into my pocket. "Maybe we should go back to my house, then." Logan was now walking torwards me, with an evil grin on his lips. "Over my dead body." I said, backing away from him, slowly, until I hit a wall & Logan stood in front of me. Soon, I had no personal space left. "Back off airhead..." I tried reaching for the tazer, but he was squshing my arms. After a couple minutes of stuggling, I managed to get my left arm loose, & snagged the tazer. I watched as Logan fell backwards, dropping to the ground.

Current Day

"Talia, hurry up you slow poke." I stared out the window of our beach house, rubbing sunscreen on my skin, waiting for my sister to get ready. "COMING!" She screamed, running down the stairs, a big smile on her face. We walked down to the beach, finding a good place to put or stuff. "Going swimming?" I asked Talia. "Later." She said, putting in her earbuds. I took off my cover-up, & headed torwards the water. I wasn't even in the water for a second, when my sister screamed my name. "CHLOE!!!! GET OVER HERE!!" I rushed to her side. "What?! Your wasting my time with the water..." She rolls her eyes. "Those guys..." She says, & points to two guys, walking down the beach. The Kaulitz twins. Obviously, we were freaking out. "HOW ARE WE GONNA GET THEM NOTICE US, CHLOE?!" "Don't worry, I know what I'm gonna do..." When Bill & Tom were super close, I stood up & "tripped" on a rock. I screamed bloody murder, catching the attention of the two. Tom got wide eyed, & ran to me. "Are you alright?!" "I think I sprained my ankle..." I was lost, looking into his eyes. His beautiful, brown eyes... "Is there anything I can do to help?" I jumped. "Um... maybe get some ice?" "Sure." He got up, walking to one of the small stores surrounding the beach. I looked over to Talia, who was shaking, & laughed. "Calm down!" Bill walks over to us, smiling. "Hi," he says, "I'm Bill." "Hey, I'm Chloe, & this is Talia." I point to Talia, who is now hyperventilating. She chokes out, "I have to...go buy a smoothie... BYE!" & runs off. I rolls my eyes. "Sorry, she's freaking weird, I know." He laughs. "How old are you guys?" "She's twenty, & I'm twenty-one." "My brother & I are both twenty-one, too." "Awesome... so what are you guys doing here?" "Short vacation before we have to go on tour for a year... We're in a band." Tom comes back with some ice, & puts it on my "injured" ankle, & Talia comes back with her smoothie, sucking away at it. We all talk for what feels like a few short minutes, but I know that it's been much longer, as the sun was begging to set over the ocean. Tom smiles at me. "Hey..." He begins to ask, "Do you want to..."



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