Overboard (Justin Bieber love story)

I've been working on this for awhile, so pretty PLEASE COMMENT AND RATE ! much love and apperciaation. I don't mean to steal ideas, and if I did I apologize.
Thanks :)

info :

Name : Aubrey Grace Reckswell
Age: 15 years old
Traits : a fun, sporty creative brown hair with golden-highlights with big brown eyes and a tan. loves water slides and a challenge. also, blue is her fav color. Shes Cuban, but doesnt look it. Also very optmistic, and caring, understanding, and enjoyable

Enjoy !

Chapter 2


by: CityStyle
I pulled out my cell to look at the text from Bri.

Bri - Aub! Rey! Remember! You have a boyfriend back home! Tyler?!

I first thought, Tyler? What? But it kicked in about 3O seconds after I read it. Crap. I have a boyfriend (Tyler) back in Tampa, Florida. We came up to Georgia to visit my grandparents and relatives for the summer (that is why we come here every year). I brought Bri and Sarah because my parents 'wanted me to have friends I am close to, to be with'. I looked at Bri and gave her a mouthed Thank you. She mouthed back Your welcome. I looked away at that point. Not wanting to face anyone. I can't believe I forgot ..... Justins got me wrapped up in our own little world when I already have a boyfriend ... of 5 months, I thought. I sighed briefly, Thank gosh Justin didn't catch it, because he was talking to Sarah.

"...we were wondering if you guys wanted to ..." I heard Justin say.

I warped back to reality and joined the conversation.

"Surree we will," Sarah said.

They gathered their stuff, and Justin smiled. I walked past Justin to get my belongings. Once we had all our things ready, I told Justin

"Alrighty. Ready to go."

"Great," Justin replied.

He smiled at me, I smiled back, though I felt awkward to. Now I just feel horrible. I don't know how to tell Justin this, and certainly Bri won't tell him for me. I wondered how to bring it up the whole time walking back to Ryan and Christian.

"Aye, theyr'e FINALLY back!" Christian yelled.

I grinned towards them. I put my stuff on the table the boys had.

"Wait, didn't I put my fried dough here?" I asked.

"That's what happens when you leVe a man hungry," Ryan responded.

I rolled my eyes, took out my hand and said, "5.OO, Hungry Man."

Christian laughed and punched him jokingly in his arm.

"You got told," Christian said.

Ryan rolled his eyes at Christian, and handed me my $5. I put it in my pocket.

"Why thank you, Ryannnn," I said sweetly.
I laughed, Justin smiling and watching.

"So, this is Sarah and Brianna," I said introducing my friends.

Sarah and Bri waved.

"You like thumb war, Sarah?"


"C'mon girl Let's play some thumb war!" Ryan said determined to Sarah.

I laughed, and whispered to Justin, "I'm guessing he does this daily."

"Yeah, he does."

"So, what do you ladies wanna do?" Christian asked.

I pretended to think, "Hmm ... What to do at a water park with 5 friends ..."

Everyone laughed, and I smiled in their laughter.

"Let's go to an intense ride!" Sarah screamed.

"Alright, like what?" I asked.

"Hmm ... Jaronamo! (excuse my spelling)"

"Wow. That is intense. Let's do it! You fellas up for it?" I asked, pumped.

They all gave me jaw-dropping looks. Even Justin did.

Then he looked down and said, "Let's do it shawty."

Christian and Ryan high-fived each other, screaming Yeah! We all got up, and went to the ride. I then heard footsteps behind me, I turned to see Justin.

"Your'e fast," he said grinning.

"Your'e quite fast yourself," I replied.

We walked into line, and he took my hand ....

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