Justin Bieber?? Dude. No. (girls only)(part 16) READ INTRO

Justin Bieber?? Dude. No. (girls only)(part 16) READ INTRO

10 comments please!!! ideas are appreciated.....this is gonna be in the home stretch. only about 10 more parts and then its the end... BUT i have a great idea for a NEW jb story :) should i make a christian beadles story?? PUT IN COMMENTS!
~~ Kat :D

Chapter 1

the park.......camp.......and the end of summer??

i woke up to the sound of Black Star by avril lavigne. i looked at the clock. 9:30. i rolled over. then my eyes got wide. and i rolled back over to re check my clock. "9:30!?!? OH CRAP!" i screamed and ran to the shower. i quickly washed my body, keeping my hair dry. i straightened my hair and got dressed in http://www.polyvore.com/paige_park/set?id=29187846 i looked good. i was finishing my make up when the doorbell rang. i sprang up and literally flew down the stairs and pushed my brother out of the way so i could open the door. i stood there breathless looking at the best boy in the world. "hey!" i said. he laughed a little ay my breathlessness but he replied with a calm hey and grabbed my hand. we went to the park.we walked around holding hands. we played on the swings, climbed some trees, and looked at the clouds. i was so in love with him. but then i got the call.
~ phone convo~ (p: paige ?: other caller)
P: hello?
?: is this Miss.Paige? from the Florida Surfing contest?
P: yes. who is this? i looked at Justin and he looked Confused and worried
?: this is Jonnie Cann. i'm a pro surf coach. director of Surf Maze surfing camp, i'd like to give you a scholarship to come to my one month camp. i've trained some of the pros and i can see that you have the passion and the talent that it takes to be a pro surfer.
P: are you kidding? duh i wanna go! when is it?
JC: its next week. for one whole month. i've already contacted your parents and got their consent.
P: i would love to! thank you so much! see you next week!
~ End of Convo ~
i let out a small squeal and threw my arms around Justins neck. "woah! what happened?" he asked and chuckled. "i got a call from a pro surf coach. he gave me a full scholarship to his surf camp. half the pros come from his surf camp!" i said. justin looked at me indreculously. "oh my gosh! thats incredible!" he said and picked me up and swung me around! "when do you leave? for how long?" he asked. "i leave saturday. i'll be gone for a month.....just in time for school" i said in a disgusted voice at the end. " a month? i leave for tour in a month" justin said. "what day?" i asked, "i leave monday morning. "i come back saturday night." i said. "so we get one day together?" he said. i nodded. "lets make the most of it" i said and i kissed him.

~ saturday night
i was in Justins arms in the drive way. i was about to cry. "i'll call you every night. and text you when i have free time. i'm gonna miss you so much Justin." i said. my head was on his shoulder and his chin was on my head. "i'll miss you too baby. i love you." he said. i smiled. "i love you too!" i said and i kissed him. how can i go without his kisses? his embrace? i miss him already and i havent even left. "before you go....i want you to have this." he said. he handed me a ring. " is this a promise ring?" i asked, he nodded and i kissed him passionately. "i love it. but i love you more." i said. i hopped in the car and slid the ring on my finger.


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