you fell in love at the jersey shore

heyz guys ok well im makin a love story about pauly d from jersey shore and im not continuing my draco love story and i deleted my alexzander sterling one and zucko i may not continue either be cause i raan out of ideas and no ones giving me ideas but i may keep it anyway enjoy this story and PLZZZ COMMENT THE COMMENTS MEAN ALOT TO ME :p :)

Chapter 1

jersey shore

lets go maci said liz. hold on im almost done i said. were just going to the beach maci liz ttold me. ya but not just any beach were going to seaside heights liz. ohh seaside she said sarcasticlly. alright im done liz happy. yes i am now lets go before all the spots are taken. alright i said as she dragged me to the car. we got in rolled down the windows blasted the music and started for jersey. we got on the highway and stared screaming for no reason were like that. it took about an hour to get there. were finally here maci liz shouted. i know its gonna be great. we parked the car and got out. we grabbed out beach bags and headed for the beach. when we got there we found a great spot and out everthy down. im going surfing liz i said. yea yea she said lying on the beach blanket. i headed for the water. i paddeled out and stood up and a great wave came. it knocked off my board. i went back to the beach and lyed down on my towel. i was enjoying the sun when i got fit with a volleyball. i sat up with the ball in my hand. owe i said. hey over here some one shouted. i walked over and handed him the volley ball. thnaks sorry aboout that pauly d said. its ok i guess hey your pauly d from jersey shore right. yea i am he said. hey you wanna play he said. ya i bet 10 dollars ill win. your on he said. by the way im maci i said as i walked over to the girls side. vinny served the ball and i spiked it. we played for like 3 hours. well well well i think you owe me 10 dollars i said to pauly d. he handed me my money. i smiled. hey you wanna come back to the house with us. oh i cant im with my friend. bring her too mike said. alright then. yo liz i sceamed wat she said lets goo. alright she said she packed up her things and ran over to me. so lets go snooki said. were are we going liz wispered to me. with them i said back. about 30 minutes later we were at the house. we walked inside and we all ran out to the deck and got in the hot tube. this is nice i said. the next thing i know im being carried into a room. FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT WITH MACI AND WHO WAS CARRING HER AND WHAT HAPPENED. OWWWWWHHHHH PLZZ COMMENT.

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