Friendship, A Twisted Relationship Of Love (A Harry Potter Love Story)

This ISN'T the sequel to I Can Explain: I Love You! A Harry Potter Love Story. This is a totally different story but Harry is still the boyfriend. Info:
Name~Katara (Kuh-taa-ra, not Kuh-tar-a) Dawnson
Looks~Silk black hair, pretty bangs, dark brown eyes.
Personality~Stubborn, beautiful, smart, unpredictable, loyal to bffs.

Note: I added Friee to this story! And only her, ok? Her name is Julia Huang, my best friend in this story.

Enjoy, comment, rate, and possibly favorite? Please? ;)

Chapter 1

The Wand and the Letter: Certainly Not a Normal Day For A Muggle

"Not Harry Potter again, honey." my mother said, sighing. She knows how obsessed I am with Harry Potter. I wrote fan fiction stories, I drew pictures of Harry and me, and a lot more.

"Mom, please? You like Harry Potter! I wouldn't be talking!" I replied.

"Yes, I do sweetie, but I'm not obsessed! I read it, but--oh fine. Whatever. Just go do what you want." she said. I smiled and ran to my room, clutching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in my hands.

Oh, by the way, my name is Katara. Katara Dawnson. Some people like to call me Kat, which is fine, because I love cats! My best friend is Julia Huang. Let me tell you about her: She's funny, nice, clever, and she angers quickly. She's pretty(Black hair, brown eyes). She I'd the only person I know who is obsessed.

So I got to my room and read. I laughed randomly at amusing parts, fumed at Professor Umbridge, and cried at some points. After about an hour, I stopped. My eyes were dry and tired. I closed my book and lay on my back. I usually daydream about Harry Potter and me. Today it was Harry and I at Hogsmeade alone...talking and drinking Butterbeer. I never felt so in love. I leaned in close to him and...we kissed.

Usual daydream.

I got up and texted Julia. Heyy I'm soo bored. I texted. I waited, tapping my fingernails on my desk. Me too! Lets talk bout hp! She replied.


So we were texting for half an hour straight. We stopped and I really needed some fresh air. I asked her if she wanted to take a walk. She agreed. "Be safe, okay Kat?" my mother warned me.

"Ok." I replied, putting my sweater on and closing the door behind me. I met up with Julia at her house and she said "We should go in that forest back there. Mom always said not to but I don't see why we can't."

"Same. Make sure no one sees us." I said. We cautiously walked into the forest, avoiding thick tree branches and sharp thorns. "Hey, what's that?" Julia asked me, pointing to a long smooth stick on the floor. I looked at what she was talkoling about and said "I don't know. Probably some choptstick a person left." I replied. She looked closer and held it in her hand. " feels...weird. Like a magical feeling. It's an indescribable feeling." Julia said. I rolled my eyes. "I know you're kidding, Julia. I pretend to have wands like Harry Potter too. You can't fool me." I replied.

"No--seriously! Feel it!" she said. I did as I was told and she was right. "Told ya."

"Cool. Let's try a spell. Just for fun." I suggested. I pointed my wand at a twig. "Wingardium Leviosa!!" I bellowed. The twig moved a little off the ground then fell. "Oh my god!!! That was soo cool!! This can't be happening Julia!" I exclaimed. Julia wanted a go with the "wand" so I let her. She broke the twig in half with her hands then pointed the wand at the toe halves.

"Reparo!" she yelled. The two halves united and we both gasped. I picked up the stick. It was still a little wobbly but it sort of worked! "This--this is very strange!" Julia said, shaking. Suddenly I heard a voice calling. "...Katara! Julia!" it shouted. Shoot. My mom. "Ok, be very quiet when we walk out of this forest. Put the wand in your bag and hide it." I told Julia. She obeyed and we walked out of the forest the other way where my mom couldn't see us. I walked behind her and said "Sorry. I'm here!" She whipped around and sighed. "Oh I was beginning to worry!" my mother said. "Come on. Julia, your mother and father are staying for dinner, so you can come." Julia beamed at me. We walked back home not saying a word about the wand.


"Thank you so much for inviting us! We better get going. Julia!" I heard Julia's mothe call from downstairs.

"Coming Mom!" Julia replied. "Here, take the wand. How about we shift? One day you get it and the next day I do. Gotta go, see ya!"

"Sure bye!" I waved goodbye to her and watched her outside of my window walking to her house at the end of the street. I then daydreamed about a cat that I owned at Hogwarts. I got up and went downstairs.

"Mom...can we ever have a pet cat?" I asked her randomly.

"First tell me what this is!" my mother snapped, shoving a letter to me. It read:

Dear Mrs. and Mr. Dawnson,

We have received intelligence that your daughter performed a spell, Wingardium Leviosa, at exactly thirty-three minutes past five this evening in a Muggle-inhabited place and in the presence of a Muggle, who, also performed a spell.

This is very unusual, seeing that your daughter and her friend are Muggles. Please visit the Ministry of Magic tomorrow afternoon at 2 P.M. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Mafalda Hophurk
(Improper Use of Magic Office)
Misistry of Magic

"Probably a prank from Julia. So can we have a cat?" I begged my dad, the nicer one.

"Not so fast, Katara. Look at this letter. We know it's not from Julia. First of all, look at the formal writing and all. Second, this letter came by owl. This is very abnormal." my mother said coldly like I had something to do with this.

"And...?" I asked, clueless.

"Tell me, young lady, why and how this got here!" my mother said bitterly.

"I don't know! But I'll tell you one thing." I said honestly.

"What?" my father asked. I explained what happened in the forest.

"B-but that's just in Harry Potter land. It can't possibly be real. Tell us the truth Kat." my father insisted.

"I did!" I said angrily.

"Ok, ok. We'll meet with the Ministry...where? And how?" my mother said.

"Ask them." I told her. This was certainly a very weird day. I've always wanted to be a with and all, but getting in trouble for doing magic? And I'm only 10! I wishe it was all a dream...that I would wake up tomorrow and tell Julia not to got to the forest.

**Well, here it is! The story you've been waiting for! How is it? Boring? Interesting? Ok? Bad? Great? I know a lot of peple make these type of stories, but mine was unusual. Please comment! Thanks!**


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