Forbidden Choices (A Hogwarts Love Story)

Name: Jaya Annabell Smith (Riddle)
Age:Same as blaise's
Hair Color:Black and voluminous and curly
Eye Color:Red
Other:Tongue,Eyebrow and Nose Piercings

So this girl has Death Eater parents and thats why shes in Slytherin but shes nice but she deosnt know her parents only these few things, her last name is the last name of the founder of the Orphanage which she lives in since like i said before she does not know her parents.

Chapter 3


by: MelMalfoy
The next morning i woke up to the sound of banging so i woke up and put on a gray dress with gray flats and an apron (pictured). Then i went down to the kitchen and started to make the breakfast for everyone in the orphanage which were about 12 orphans Ms.Suzie the owner and her daughter Lily. I made a bunch of pancakes bacon and french toast then i set it on the long table were Ms.Suzie already was with her daughter at her side "finally ive been waiting ages" Ms.Suzie said she started to pig into the food she really looked like a pig with her curly blonde hair and pink fat skin then she spit it out "this **** is disgusting you stupid pig cant you do anything right?" she roared then slapped me across the face "im sorry Ms.Suzie" i sniffled as Lily roared with laughter. "Yeah your always sorry but you never make the food better" Suzie said "yeah its always ****" Lily said she was very pretty with white skin and blonde curly hair but she was such a bich that it didnt matter how pretty or anything like that she was. "Clean this floor its disgusting" Suzie roared "and these dishes it looked like someone puked on them" she turned the dish over making it break with a loud clatter Lily followed suit and broke her dish. Just then the 3 smallest kids came down they were 2 3 and 4 years old so they stumbled a little, i helped the 2 year old, Tommy into his high chair and then i helped the 3 year old Annie (ya ya its like the orphan and the movie yadda yadda yadda) into her chair that had padding so she could see the table and then i helped the 4 year old Bobbie into his normal chair. Next came the 6 year old Billy with the twins who were 8 Mike and Tim and then the 12 year old's there were 3, Elizabeth, Marie, and Xavier. "This is a really good breakfast" X said "aww thank you clean your chin" i said since he had syrup on his chin "dont tell the boy what to do" Suzie yelled and slapped me across the face again X winced and Elizabeth shrieked but i heard X kick her under the table so she shut up.
The next few weeks went the same way with Suzie hittiing me and the others trying to help me out. Then a couple weeks before school started i knocked on the door to Suzie's room "umm Ms.Suzie? i asked and she grunted which told me she was drunk and that she was listening "i uh need to buy my school supplies" i said. "Ah yes for your fancy boarding school" she said sarcastically "i suppose that now that your at this school you think your than us" she said "no ofcourse not" "Dont you lie to me you little ****" she said and slapped me across the face yet again. She knocked me to the floor and started kicking me in the ribs "You.Little.Prep bich. Its your fault im in so much deep ****" she said kicking me with every word. I gasped but held in my shrieks of pain i wouldnt give her the satisfaction, she finally stopped then stumbled back to her bed a moment later i heard her snoring , i ran outside to the stairs then i started to cry. "Jaya you shouldnt be on that foot for too long" a poetic voice said and i looked up into the dark eyes of blaise zabini with Draco next to him they smiled for a second then they saw that i was crying and immediately stopped. "Y-you shouldnt be here" i said standing up, bad idea now they could see all the scars on my arms and legs that id acquired over the years and they could see that i wasnt wearing the cast "whats happened to you?" Blaise asked. "Ive always had these she doesnt care about me she she hurts me alot especially when she drinks she makes me cook for everyone she makes me clean this place up and she doesnt let me wear anything colorful this is all i wear" i said. "Why have you never told us about this and why do you suddenly have so many scars all of a sudden?" Draco asked "ive always had these but Madam Pomfrey does spells do their not visible and i never thought youd care enough to care that this happens" i replied. "Ofcourse we care'" they said at the same time and i smiled "Were taking you out of here" Blaise said "what no shell hurt me even more i you even try" i said frightened like, "Were wizards shes a muggle what can she do come on" Draco said "come on ill help you get your things" Blaise said and he pulled me up to my room Draco close behind. I heard someone step in between Blaise and Draco and i turned around to see Lily there infront of Draco "hello handsome who are you?" she asked "my best friend' i replied grabbing Draco's arm and pulling him upwards "your best friend dont make me laugh" Lily said "why would a hottie like him hang out with an ugly like you?" she said. "Shes not ugly" both Draco and Blaise shrieked "Sure shes not i bet shes the hottest girl in your school" Lily said sarcastically "actually i am when i dont have all these scars you and your mother have so gracefully given me" i said with a fake smile. "Now im leaving this place and not you or your mother can stop me" i said "and if you dare pick on any of the others i will find out and i will come back and get you" i said "oh and whatll you do?" she asked i whipped my wand out and put it to her neck "point at me with a stick?" she shrieked i muttered a fire jinx and she whinced as her skin began to burn. "Alright alright just stop" she shrieked i smiled coldly then i went up to my room and grabbed the few things i had bothered to take out of my trunk which were my toothbrush my hairbrush my first aid kit and a picture of me Blaise and Draco that was taken with a muggle camera. When id finished Blaise carried my trunk out and i hanged into a loose dress annd flip flops then i put my cast on because my foot was in immense pain. "We came here by floo powder so well go back by Floo Powder" Blaise said as we walked around then we got to a shabby looking building and entered it was a pub apparently, we stepped into the back andd into the fireplace "Draco you take her trunk with you ill go with Jay so that she doesnt get lost" Blaise said handing my trunk to Draco who nodded and took it. Blaise grabbed a pouch from his pocket and grabbed a handful of powder from it then he dropped it in the fire and shouted something i couldnt hear and then we were gone next thing i knew we were at a giant like building i knew this must be his home.

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