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Chapter 1


by: Obliviate
The dark McKenly Manor was silent. Every cricket didn't dare chirp, every mouse dead because of the silence, and every creak didn't moan, for it would never be the same. If you walked the winding staircase, on your right, to the second floor, you'll notice there is only one hall, to your left. And if you look closely, there are but only three doors.

The first is the master bedroom, pretty huge if you ask me, like the kind rich people own. The second door leads to a room where a child would sleep, but it sits empty, as it has for years, just collecting dust. And the third door? Well, it leads into a study. As you walk in, a wall is just covered with books, all hardback and with spines cracked. And near the door is an original painting of Pablo Picasso's The Guitarist, and across that is a willow desk, covered in heaps of papers, facing three gigantic windows. All looking out to the back yard, and boy was it huge...

Look, past the clouds in the night's a blood moon...see the red at the tip of it? And it's summer solstice...not a good sign. Whoa, did you see that? That guy just walked right through the wall! I'll tell you a secret...there's a hidden staircase behind it, the wall's just an illusion, though I guess you've figured that out already. Come on, just walk through! Tada and- shush! Don't give us away, you hear the voices? Come on! Not THOSE voices, the human kind! Okay, just stay low, and follow the stairs up, just be careful, these ones creak...

There you go...okay, watch out, don't get us caught...

The room up here was old and ugly, all covered in cobwebs, only the lit torches gave light. The floor looked old and rotted, but they held the five cloaked people standing in the middle of the floor. It looks like they're standing on a star...more like a pentagram. Then a man at the top point of the star raised his hands to silence the silence already.

"Dear representatives, we're here tonight to put peace to our clans. The wars break out, then settle down, and it begins again as a cycle. Yes, our sons and daughters go to the school of Larinthia, both to learn to control their powers and to learn about each other, but that is just the beginning, we must move up a step farther. I ask that you take your knives and cut your right palms and place your blood on the point you stand on. The purpose is we make our own peace, a child to carry it out." The human said slowly, letting it sink in. The four representatives looked at each other in shocked and talked amongst themselves, but they soon became silent.

"He will live among the humans, but when he turns of age, he will join our children at Larinthia...Who among us disagrees?" They all looked at each other, thinking who would disagree to this brilliant plan. When no one spoke up, the woman to the human's left picked up her knife and took the cloak hood off to show her face. Her red hair was wavy and flowed in a light breeze that no one could feel. Her white eyes showed it's self as beautiful and her skin was a light tan.
"As I am a Witch, so will this child have the gifted powers from the Goddess. May this child forever hold the peace of the Witches." The Witch cut her palm and placed it on her point. Her blood dripped onto her point and a mil a second it began to glow green.

The Faerie took upon his knife and also pulled down his hood. His brown hair stood in a Mohawk, his eyes were a warm honey color, and his skin looked like warm sun.
"This child will be nothing like our Fae, for he shall be gifted with glamor and love. May he hold the Faeries peace and traditions close to heart." Swiftly, the Faerie cut his palm and let the blood drip on his point, and as soon as the blood touched it, it began to glow blue, right alongside the Witch.

Both the Vampire and Shapeshifter looked at each other, wondering what to do until the Shapeshifter made the first move.
"As beloved as my people are to the clans, I give my love to this child. He will have the greatest of all gifts, to become what he wants, but only until he comes to the place of power at Larinthia." The Shapeshifter pulled her hood off, and looked upon the Clan Members. Her bright cat green eyes looked among them, her large cat ears poked out of her flowing dark blond hair. She stood a good six feet four inches tall, standing on her hind legs, with light Leopard yellow fur covering her. She looked at her paw and quickly cut it and put it on the point in front of her, alowing it to glow a yellow. All that was left, besides the human, was the Vampire.

He looked upon everyone and pulled off his cloak, letting everyone see the large scar fun down the left side of his face, his blue eyes glowed in the night, and his blond hair cut short made him look almost like Hitler.
"This child shall have no gift, only a curse, and burden to carry our peace. We Vampires fight, fight for tradition and blood. There is nothing amazing about it. I pray to our God that he will not fail." The Vampire sliced his palm and looked at it longingly as it dripped on his point, watching it glow red. The circle was almost complete, all that was left was the Human who was shaking but stood straight with pride.

The Human kept his hood on and raised his knife to his palm.
"Let this child be born with peace and live like one another, and may him fulfill our quest." Just as the Human was going to cut his palm, he was thrown against the wall with such force. No one could get up to help him, or the spell that they finally worked so hard for would be destroyed.

In the air, a slit began to form and it opened up like a black void to another world. Out walked a man, but not a man...a Demon. His skin was chalky blue as if dead, his teeth rotted and stained yellow of blood, his white hair blew around his head, and his eyes, his red eyes of a snake slithered into the souls of the representatives as he looked among them.

"Well, well, looks like I found the jackpot. I couldn't help but over hear this vermin's little speech. You're creating a mix child? Well, 'stead I'm here, I guess I could help, so stop your begging.

The Demon picked up the human's knife and cut his palm, watching his blood pour out.
"And you know what the great part is? You can't do anything to stop me from interfering." The Demon gave an evil laugh, mocking the terrified faces of the clan members, and set his hand on the top point.

A gush of wind blew back everyone from their spots, but as soon as it came, a second wave, a third, and a forth wave of wind blew them down. When the dust the wind blew up settled down, the damage was seen. The star glowed so bright, no human could stand to look into it's light. As it dimmed, no one moved, all except for the Demon. He stood up and looked over the scene. Everyone was laying face down on the floor...dead. Too bad the dead can't die again. The Demon looked at the middle of the star, for a mist covered it, and saw a child, a baby. He walked over and picked it up to look at it.

It was a girl, and she was beautiful. Her golden cat like eyes, her milky white skin, her white hair was short but was amazing to see, and the weird part was the tail. A very weird child, but the Demon saw in her spirit that it was the spirit of a Demon, and he was pleased that he laughed in triumph. He took his finger, and with his long nail, he made a slit, the sign of the traditional Demon clan, while the new baby girl cried.


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