French Words And Peppermint (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

French Words And Peppermint (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

God I love Draco Malfoy love stories. xD
So I made my own. Comments are... appreciated. I might keep writing, depending on how I feel the story is flowing.

Chapter 3

IPODs and Chocolate Frogs

The time came to leave for the station. The Malfoys had left an hour ago and Draco was helping me explain things about Hogwarts to the twins. I wondered why he was being so nice. The whole 'mean' look was totally gone. Just like that. Poof! He was completely different. I guess nobody was truely evil. Except maybe Voldemort...
My mom went to go pick up lunch for Derek and left about 30 minutes ago so my dad was taking us all to the train. We walked outside and I saw we were taking muggle transportation.Everybody grabbed their trunks and cages and we opened the trunk to see it had been expanded. A clever spell Mr. Weasley taught my father. My dad sat in the drivers seat and Ray insisted he sit in the passengers seat. I sat between Draco and Monica.
"Draco what house are you in?" Monica asked.
"Slytherin." Draco said giving her a smile.
"I want to be in Slytherin too!" She replyed.
I coughed accidentally and Draco laughed.
"You'll probably be in Gryffindor. That's where everyone else in your family has been." His voice dropped to a whisper only Monica and myself could hear, "Except for your strange sister over here. I don't know what happened to her." He said attempting to keep a straight face but failing when I punched his arm. Monica laughed.
"Very funny Malfoy." I said smiling myself.
"You know it was Sestile." He said grinning. Not smirking, grinning! I smiled wider at that.
Monica pulled out her IPOD and so did Ray. It was weird sometimes how they do the exact same thing.
Draco looked curiously at the twins when they put their headphones on and started singing.
"Ever seen an IPOD?" I asked him. He just shook his head, slightly embarrassed. I pulled out my own Midnight Blue IPOD and held it in front of him.
"They're really cool. It's a music device. You choose a song using the touch pad and you can hear it through these headphones here." I pointed at the headphones, "A muggle way of hearing music." I said.
"Wow. That does sound interesting. Father doesn't let me touch any muggle things..." He said.
I put one of the headphones in his ear and the other in mine. His face looked excited. I laughed then pressed play to 'Do You Wanna Touch' by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. The rythm flowed into my mind and I sat back with my eyes closed just listening to the music. Music was always my escape. The song ended and I peeked over at Draco who was in the same position as me. He opened his eyes.
"I officially love that band." He said.
I laughed and the song switched over to 'Famous Last Words' by My Chemical Romance.


When we got to the Express I hugged my father and took my siblings over to an empty compartment. We were some of the first on the train.
"I'll introduce you to some of my freinds when they get here." I said. I noticed Draco had spotted his dim-witted 'friends' Crabbe and Goyle and he was already walking over there. I just shook my head and sat down.
"May! Oh my God it feels like we haven't seen eachother in forever!" Ginny yelled standing in the doorway.
"Ginny!" I screamed and gave her a huge hug.
Behind her was her brother Ron, and Harry and Hermione.
"Hey guys!" I welcomed them into the compartment. I was good friends with Fred and George before they left school to start their Umbridge-free lives.
"Hey May!" They all said. I gave each one a hug and introduced my sister and brother to them all. A few minutes later Harry pulled Hermione and Ron off into the compartment behind us to talk about something 'important'.
"I wish they would include me..." Ginny said.
"It's alright, you probably don't want to know anyway." I replyed.
"Eh. Well whatever. Can I sit?" She asked.
"Um of course!" I told her.
Ginny started talking to Ray and Monica and I saw Seamus, Michael, and Dean walk past, looking for us.
"Guys in here!" I poppes my head out of the compartment and yelled.
"Oi! There they are!" Dean said. (He was Ginny's boyfriend at the time.)
Seamus and Michael gave me a big hug and sat down. Dean did the same to Ginny.
"Who are these cool kids?" Michael pointed at my siblings.
"Guys, this is Ray and Monica. They're my younger siblings, and they're twins. It's their first year!" I replyed.
"Nice to meet ya." Seamus said, "Are you guys gonna be oddballs like your sister here and get into Ravenclaw?"
"Nope I'm gonna be a Slytherin!" Shouted Monica.
Dean choked a little on the water he was drinking. Michael laughed.
"I sure hope not." Dean laughed.
"Well I'm gonna be a Gryffindor!" Said Ray.
"That's the way to go buddy!" Seamus laughed.
I rolled my eyes at them and smiled. Ray and Monica got into a deep conversation about Houses, Michael and Seamus bought some chocolate frogs off the trolley and were frantically trying to capture them, and Dean and Ginny were, well, talking about stuff I had no interest in. So nobody except me heard when Luna Lovegood tapped on the window and signaled me to come out of the compartment. I said I'd be right back, but I don't think anybody heard. I laughed and scooted out the door.
"Hi Luna." I greeted her.
"Hello May," She said in her airy voice, "I was just coming to tell you that Draco wanted to see you. Didn't say why though. He's about 12 doors down."
"Thanks Luna, would you like to sit with us?" I asked nicely. I liked Luna, she was a good friend.
"Actually I was on my way to see Neville. Thanks for offering though." And she walked off.
I turned around and walked down to Draco's compartment, a little anxiously. Just as Luna had said, he was there. He was sitting with Crabbe, Goyle, Pansy, and Zabini. I didn't care much for any of his friends. Draco saw me and smirked. Ugh, we're back to smirking. He invited me in and I sort of reluctantly entered.
"May." Draco stood and gave me a quick hug.
"Draco, you wanted to see me?" I said and hugged him back.
"You must of heard wrong." Pansy sneered behind him. I rolled my eyes and laughed in her face. I didn't put up with drama and wasn't going to start now. She sat back down annoyed. I smiled. I looked over at Crabbe and Goyle. They were mowing down on chocolate, completely unaware of me. Zabini however looked at me in a strange way that made me uncomfortable. Draco noticed this and followed my gaze. He shot Zabini a terrible look and lightly pushed me out the door.
"Sorry about Blaise. He's an idiot." Draco said.
"He's your friend, not mine," I laughed, "It's okay."
Draco led me to an empty compartment and he sat down beside me.
"So you wanted to talk?" I asked, striking conversation.
"Um. Yes... yeah. Er. Um okay. So the thing is..." He began.

Draco's POV:

I didn't know where I was going with this. I had nothing to talk to her about! I just wanted to hear her voice. And when I hugged her a few minutes ago... Snap out of it Draco. She's waiting.
"Well... what houses do the twins want to be in?" I asked. Great. That was incredibly stupid. You're officially an idiot.
She laughed, it sounded so pretty. I don't know why I'm just now noticing her. I could of had her for 5 years already! But no. I am just such an idiot.
"Well Ray wants Gryffindor and thanks to you Monica wants to be an evil Slytherin!" She laughed.
"Come on, give the girl what she wants! She'd make a great sidekick for me. Just think of the trouble we could cause!" I replyed sarcastically.
"Yeah right! You wish a Sestile would become Slytherin. I'd rather her be a Hufflepuff!" She replyed.
I gave a look of false saddness, "Am I really that bad?" I asked playfully.
She leaned in close to me. My eyes widened, was she going to kiss me? In my dreams maybe, but not real life. When she was a centimeter away from my face she whispered, "I suppose not.", and jumped up and opened the door. I turned around, she winked at me and left. I sat back and thought about how close she was to me. I liked the feeling and decided I would make it a goal for her to be closer.

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